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9 LinkedIn Hacks To Find New Hot Prospects

The easiest way to stop worrying about making quota is by exceeding it. LinkedIn offers search tools to help you make that happen on a regular basis and they are right under your fingertips. But what do search tools have to do with prospecting and exceeding quotas?

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How To Measure Your Social Selling Efforts With Your CRM [Video]

If you’ve implemented Social Selling into your organization, I applaud you. But you may have neglected to include one of the most important components of developing a Social Selling program: measurement. You need to build accountability into your key performance indicators (KPI). But how do you measure the effectiveness of your Social Selling efforts? The answer may be in a tool you probably already use: your CRM software.

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A Single Platform That Helps You Auto-Magically Align Sales and Marketing

In this edition of The Social Tool Series, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Russo of HubSpot. Jeff is a Product Marketing Manager there and showed me the high-level possibilities of their CRM platform and sales insight tool called Sidekick.

For those of you that know HubSpot, you know them as a market leader in the Marketing Automation space. But did you know about HubSpot’s sales platform?

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8 Easy-To-Use Multimedia Tools To Create Mouthwatering Sales Materials

Do you have an in-house Marketing Guru that creates all of your sales & marketing collateral for you? If so than you are one of the lucky few. For most of us, however, creating sales & marketing collateral for different parts of the sales process is simply one of the many hats we have to where. And as I’m sure you’re all well aware, creating slide decks, one pagers, intro video and other forms of multimedia that WOW our audience is often easier said than done.

Well, luckily for us modern day sales professionals, there are an ample number of tools available today on the market that can help us create impressive multimedia collateral just like a pro. Below is a detailed list of multimedia editing tools that will help you do just that. These are simple multimedia tools that can be used to design slide decks, one-pagers, blog images and promo videos. They’ll help you produce informative slide shares and videos, and assemble the kind of images that get shares and likes.

You only have a few moments to grab someone’s attention in the digital world. Your prospects will watch a video on their phones or favorite an image before they’ll read a block of text. A variety of inexpensive multimedia tools can help you produce appealing graphics and images for sales materials and presentations without any previous experience. Let’s take a quick look at the visual editing tools that will turn your visuals from blah to professional in a matter of seconds.

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Top Business Intelligence Tools For Sales Pros

Welcome to the Social Selling Tool Kit Series. This is a bi-weekly blog series that focuses on a specific segment of Social Selling tools in each post. This week’s post is dedicated to tools you can use to gather business intelligence and tracking information about your buyers and competitors.

So often having insights into the business that we interact with on a daily basis as well as their engagement with our emails can make the difference between closing a deal or not. The following tools have been designed to help you do just that.

And as always, if you have any suggestions for other tools we can include in our post, please feel free to mention them via the comment box provided below.

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Supercharge Your Browser: 7 Extensions For Social Sellers

Web browsers are the unsung heroes of the digital age. Since the days when AOL and Netscape Navigator ruled the Internet, web browsers have been providing us with the windows by which we see the digital world through. And over the last two decades the window frame has changed A LOT…

Browsers have evolved from a one-size-fits-all type framework into an incredible array of customizable options. Colors, fonts, themes, buttons, short cuts, add-ons, extensions… Just a small sample size of the many things you can change our your browser to make it look, feel and operate just the way you want it. Plus there are lots of different browsers to choose from. My personal favorite is Google Chrome which, by the way, is the most popular one…

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No Tarot Cards Needed: Uncover Your Network’s Trends With Nuzzel

I’m a lover of Newsle. This was the most “no-brainer” tool that was purchased by LinkedIn. Newsle provides you with PR information on any of your 1st degree LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends.

Problem: it left out Twitter. This is where Nuzzel comes to the rescue.

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Your Phone On Steroids: 7 Essential Apps For Social Sellers

Mobile phones have become like an appendage for most people today. Not only do they keep us connected with the modern world 24/7 via phone and email, with the invention of mobiles apps there is literally now nothing they can’t do. Playing music, video conferencing, flying a drone helicopter… these are just a few of the limitless functions that mobile phones are now capable of executing.

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3 Lessons Crown Molding Taught Me About Social Selling Tools

One of my bucket list items is to appear on the television show Renovation Realities.

For the uninitiated, this program profiles ordinary people attempting to perform home improvements of varying degree of difficulty – often with hilarious, read: disastrous, results.