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2.5x increase in Pipeline Coverage for Net New Account Sellers in 90 days, with 3 global enterprise deals sourced and won within 6 months.

Signal Intelligence to revive and win a previously Closed Lost $300,000 deal with a Top 10 global bank.

+100 global opportunities created, with deals won in 90 days.

$6M in net-new pipeline generated from social within 3 months

54 Opportunities created with global enterprise CHRO & SVP HR Executives in less than 90 days.

Over $1,000,000 in consulting services created and/or influenced by Digital Selling activities in under 90 days.

6 New Opportunities Avg Size $1M in first 90 days. 20% Increase in Qualified Leads year-over-year.

Teleperformance (EMEA) sales team achieved $25,000,000 in net new proposals from LinkedIn conversations and insights in less than 90 days.

50% of the sales organization had reported winning a deal (AVG $25,000) from social selling in 90 days.

Within 6 months – won 38% more revenue, and created 55% more sales pipeline.

“162% increase in new outbound opportunities after completion of the program.”

$5M in net-new pipeline; multiple seven-figure deals closed

Over 67+ pipeline opportunities produced over a 10-week timeline. $6.8M in net new pipeline generated with $1.1M already closed

Shattered the $5,000,000 opportunities created goal set by CFO with a gamified Certification experience.

World-class leadership and accountability leads to 100% certification

100’s of video-first communications between buyer & seller is helping Schott teach their customers

How Sales For Life became diligent’s MVP by increasing close rates by .4%.

€20M in pipeline generated by social selling within 4 months; €1.8M already closed

33 Global Opportunities Created In 90 Days With Global Facilities Leaders

Within 10 weeks, over 90 pipeline opportunities sourced fromsocial channels

Generated $1 million in qualified pipeline using social selling.

Generated 80+ new clients and $100k in net new deals from social selling

The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling