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ServiceNow enables business at scale with a robust suite of cloud platform offerings. Touching virtually every department in a company, they help speed business, empower productivity and serve their buyers better serve their markets.

With more and more organizations selling cloud-based software, creating top of the funnel demand at scale is always a challenge. This is where Ralph Barsi, Head of ServiceNow’s Global Demand Center (Sales Development department), sees the potential of social selling.

Target Audience

Sales for Life was directly engaged by Ralph to bring a unified social selling approach to his global sales development representatives. Spread out across the Americas, Europe and Asia, this is the frontline team that qualifies opportunities and brings them into the ServiceNow funnel.

Starting in May 2016, Social Selling Mastery® was deployed to achieve unified branding, prospecting, education and social network development as key skills to better serve today’s buyer.

Prospecting was a key skill that was highlighted as a focus area to shore up demand.

How Was Success Measured?

Program success was evaluated through Sales for Life’s measurement framework, grounded on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, as the industry best-practice. While much of social selling enablement is focused strictly on training, Sales for Life’s model is built around knowledge transfer and application. This is ultimately tied to sales results and ROI. It was through this approach that ServiceNow was able to correlate actual sales results through application of learning.

What Changes Were Experienced?

The goal of the program was to demonstrate change in two key areas:

1. Growth in pipeline and revenue
2. A quantifiable increase in social activity by sales rep.

Here are some highlights of the success experienced by ServiceNow:

● An 86% certification rate in the program.
● Over 67+ pipeline opportunities produced over a 10-week timeline.
● Each sales professional had a growth of approximately 100 net new business contacts in their LinkedIn networks.
● Social activity growth of over 300% in just one quarter, meaning that sales professionals are starting to use social as a legitimate form of business collaboration, research and communication.
● $6.8M in net new pipeline generated with $1.1M already closed and the balance in the funnel at various stages.

What’s Next?

Happy with the results, ServiceNow is now entering a reinforcement phase with Sales for Life to ensure knowledge is retained and continuously applied. With behavior change as the core driving principle, Sales for Life continues to support all sales professionals to ensure they’re ahead of the learning curve.

“If had not been for our Social Selling outreach (through key account planning), this opportunity would have been completely overlooked. Our own customer was considering another solution for their adjacent business unit.”

Zach Sherman

Customer Success Support & Account Development Enterprise ++ Majors

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