Activation of Signal intelligence monitoring resulted in a 2.5x increase in Pipeline Coverage for Net New Account Sellers in 90 days.

$35,000,000 in directly sources revenue, and $70,000,000 of influenced revenue from Year 1 of 3 in our partnership.

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About Rimini Street

Rimini Street (NASDAQ: RMNI) is the global leader in independent, third-party enterprise software support services, serving over 4,000 clients to date.

Rimini Street replaces traditional vendor support and enables licensees of Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and other enterprise software to save up to 90% on total software support costs, extract more value from their enterprise software investments, invest in innovation, and create competitive advantage and growth.

Target Audience

Rimini Street focuses on Global Enterprise accounts, with a C-Level sales motion aimed towards CISO’s and CIO’s. These are multi-million dollar customer engagements.

Why Focus On Sales-Generated Pipeline?

– The sales organization is scaling rapidly with many new hires servicing net new accounts, including new “whitespace” territories. It needed to shorten the timeline to increase sales production.

– Rimini Street requires an evolved sales motion to maintain its C-level engagement strategy in the new virtual world.

– The organization’s value proposition of cost savings against SAP and Oracle is ripe, and it is transitioning to hyper-scale. Signal Intelligence Monitoring will allow sales-generated pipeline efforts to scale another level.

How Was Success Measured?

Program success was evaluated through Sales for Life’s measurement framework, which is grounded on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model as per industry best practice. 

While much of social selling enablement is focused strictly on training, Sales for Life’s model is built around knowledge transfer and application.

This is ultimately tied to sales results and ROI. It was through this approach that Rimini Street was able to correlate actual sales results through application of learning.

What Change Management Occurred?

Rimini Street committed upfront to a multi-year journey with Sales for Life.

The roll-out started with net new sellers, eventually migrating to customer success and channel partners. Together, we developed unique “Team-Based Selling Workshops” to forge the training into collaborative key account strategic planning.

From the CEO and the Board of Directors, to the global GMs, Rimini Street had its entire sales team of 400 rowing in the same direction towards the mastery of sales-generated pipeline at scale powered by Signal Intelligence.

This commitment yielded a 2.5x increase in Pipeline Coverage for Net New Account Sellers in just 90 days.
3 global enterprise deals were also sourced and won within 6 months.

What’s Next?

Sales For Life is executing a multi-year journey with Rimini Street to manage Signal Intelligence for all its sellers around the world.

“If had not been for our Social Selling outreach (through key account planning), this opportunity would have been completely overlooked. Our own customer was considering another solution for their adjacent business unit.”

Zach Sherman

Customer Success Support & Account Development Enterprise ++ Majors

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