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Our History

We were originally founded in 2004 as a local sales recruitment agency. But by 2012 we realized our mission had to change and transformed into the world’s premier social & digital selling training & consulting company.  

We pioneered digital sales transformation at scale, generating billions of dollars in pipeline & revenue for our customers. In our work, we’ve had the privilege of serving revenue teams globally, including well-known brands and the Fortune 100.

It’s not our legacy, it’s our heritage.  And, it positions us strongly for the new world ahead.

How we enable growth

Creating sales pipeline and growing accounts are two high-priority pillars of modern revenue leaders.

This can be attained by following the science of doing things that work.  You can shrink decades of learning into days, compounding growth and outcomes. With approximately only half of B2B sellers making the number, data-driven revenue isn’t just a nice to have but a must-have.

Our commitment to help you achieve growth is simple yet powerful:

  1. Learn the science behind predictable sales pipeline creation
  2. Get proof of it working
  3. Scale results with data intelligence

Join us, we’re ready for you.

The Growth Enablers

Jamie is a pioneer in the social & digital sales world. He provides executive guidance and operational excellence to the growth of our customers and the firm.

Jamie Shanks

Amar is one of the original voices & a shaper of the social & digital sales community. He leads the marketing, product and delivery functions, focusing on the intersection of revenue & modernization.

Amar Sheth

Butch is a sales and marketing leader with more than 25 years of practical experience. He is the voice of the customer within Sales for Life.

Butch Manalo
General Manager

With her vast experience in the B2B tech space, Melinda manages the entire lifecycle from awareness to conversions with a focus on storytelling and authentic brand experiences. She leads the team’s marketing efforts with a growth mindset.

Melinda Santos
Director of Marketing 

Data is now at the heart of everything we do at Sales for Life and Sabbir is at the center of it. By helping to turn data into insights, Sabbir fuels the innovation of Sales for Life and our customers.

Sabbir Rahman
Manager of Data Insights

As the leader of product systems, Miguel provides vision and executive guidance to bringing ideas to life. Backed by our software team, he ensures that our customers receive the best user experiences on our platform.

Miguel De Leon
Product Operations Manager 

Keeping a global training organization running requires deep skill, organization and structure. Joy brings these attributes together perfectly. She collaborates with our customers' program managers, revenue leaders and students to ensure a smooth knowledge transfer experience.

Joy Jurilla 
Training Operations Coordinator

With a focus on instructional design, eLearning courseware and facilitation, Jikko is proud to design beautiful learning experiences. He blends classic learning development disciplines with modern and digital learning principles.

Jikko Mariano 
Manager of Product Content 

As a globally-recognized & award winning trainer & facilitator, Mondo enables learners with our curriculum delivery & coaching process. He crafts each session with care and pours his all into ensuring each person gets the best out of learning.

Mondo Castro
Director of Sales Training

Marianne’s unique gift is to take large and complex amounts of data & information and convert that into succinct written words. Her specialty is research & content development, helping our customers and readers (like you) gain meaningful insights.

Marianne Salazar
Content Marketing Manager

The marketing team benefits from Faustine’s organizational and structured thinking process. She helps to bring ideas and projects to life at record speed.

Faustine Lim
Marketing Operations Coordinator

Melody helps organize and structure schedules, processes and workflows of key team members. She’s organized, passionate and committed to steering the Sales for Life ship forward.

Melody Doromal 
Executive Assistant

Kris maintains full responsibility of the entire creative team and related projects. From graphics design to animated video, he oversees the planning, production and management of all assets.

Kris Santiago 
Creative Team Manager Experience

With a keen eye for detail, Nicola is a talented designer with a gift for animation and graphics. If you’re watching our marketing videos, course content or more, you’re experiencing her vision and talent in action.

Nicola Gabriel  
Animator & Graphics Designer

Sean is our stoic personality, focused on providing creative direction and bold thinking to our animation and graphic design solutions.

Sean Caburao
Graphic Artist and Animator 

Jeanie manages our customers from the moment they onboard through their multi-year growth-transformation journey. She is committed to providing excellent customer care and ensures that the journey is smooth.

Jeanie Montebon
Training and Product Coordinator 

Bringing a deep analytical mind, Roe provides unparalleled support and grading experiences to our students. Her friendly personality adds to the customer experience. She’s also committed to speedy turnaround times!

Roe Akinamoto
Customer Support Manager 

As the leader of product systems, Miguel provides vision and executive guidance to bringing ideas to life. Backed by our software team, he ensures that our customers receive the best user experiences on our platform.

Miguel De Leon
Product Operations Manager 

Working with data is Safayet’s passion. He strives to find patterns, trends and connections in places that sometimes are missed. And this helps drive growth for us and our customers.

Safayet Hossain
Data Analyst

A talented software developer, Abner is helping to shape the digitization of customer experiences. His experience enables him to quickly navigate and translate complex requirements into workable & practical solutions.

Abner Galeno, Jr. 
Senior Software Developer

Rico is innovating our customer experience by working on cutting edge solutions that enable pipeline development at scale. He leverages his knowledge and expertise to design sustainable and functional solutions.

Rico Rivera 
Software Developer

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