Onboarding with
The ScalePipeline System

Welcome, we’re excited you’re here!

Activating sales pipeline is one of the best investments your organization will make and we’re honored to be on this journey with you.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely the designated Program Manager in charge of executing this program.

Please expect to spend 1-2 hours going through this process. This includes your time and the time of others that may be required to provide certain types of information.

Let's Start!

Follow the steps below to have a seamless onboarding experience.

Step 1: Provide data to customize your training

Please complete the Onboarding Survey below so we can tailor our training and services according to your Revenue Team’s needs. This helps us provide a more meaningful training experience for your team.

Your CSM will discuss this information during your onboarding meeting.

This Survey is ideally completed by revenue team leaders whose sellers are planning to participate in the program.

The Onboarding Survey

Before we begin, we need to know what your revenue team is currently doing.

Take a few minutes to outline your go-to-market strategy, your sales process, your tools, and other important information, so we can ensure that the training you will receive will strengthen your sales-generated pipeline strategy.

The Signals Survey

The ScalePipeline System includes three months of free Signal Intelligence from PipelineSignals.

By telling us about your ideal customer profile, target accounts, customers and competitors, we can deliver Compelling Event Signals for up to 1,000 of your accounts, helping you focus on sales opportunities and avoid risk.

Step 2: Complete the user list

Let us know who will be joining this learning experience.

Please note that our program requires completion of assignments, so please indicate observers who are NOT required to complete assignments.

Please download this form and complete it before your first onboarding meeting.

Step 3: Have a conversation with your CSM

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will reach out to you to schedule an onboarding meeting.

During the onboarding meeting, your CSM will validate the information you’ve submitted in the previous steps. They will also discuss Sales for Life’s customer journey so you and your fellow leaders can see the big picture.

Step 4: Plan the training schedules with your CSM

Most importantly, your CSM will help you schedule training days and milestone events.

You and your CSM will set these dates:

  1. Training date for the Leadership Accelerator,
  2. Four (4) training dates (per cohort) for Social Selling Mastery®
  3. and The SPEAR Program®
  4. The certification deadline for your sellers,
  5. The date for your team’s Closing Ceremonies,
  6. The date for a Business Case Review (post-certification results) with Sales for Life and your leadership team, and
  7. A monthly feedback loop to provide an avenue for continuous feedback.

Step 5: Onboard Your Program Participants

It’s time to promote and onboard this program to all participants. We’ve created a beautiful onboarding experience for them. When you craft your internal communications, please send participants here and require that they go through all steps.

Onboard participants here: www.salesforlife.com/welcome

Final Thoughts

We’re glad you’ve initiated your modern selling journey.
We’re excited to start with you!

If you need anything in the meantime, please email your key contact at Sales for Life.

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