The ScalePipeline System

The only sales training system that is proven to grow your pipeline by 25% in just 90 days.

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Pipeline Generation at Scale.

The ScalePipeline System is the only sales training system that enables sales-generated pipeline at scale for B2B revenue teams.

It’s the proven way to efficiently grow pipeline without adding to your current headcount.

Whether you’re selling to new accounts or existing customer accounts, we can help increase your sales pipeline by 25% in just 90 days.

How the ScalePipeline System
can help you win more deals

Transforming the way you prospect is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Learn Data-Backed Sales Strategies

At the heart of The ScalePipeline System are our two flagship programs:

  1. Modern Branding Fundamentals
  2. SPEAR Selling®.

These prescriptive programs will teach sellers how to convert data and intelligence into insights called Signals, which will guide the way they prospect and handle their key accounts.

Modern Branding Fundamentals

Inbound Sales Motion

The inbound sales strategy that leverages Signals to build deeper, more meaningful connections with prospects, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Establish a solid digital reputation, boost it over time, and grow your professional network like never before.

Course Modules

Build trust, convey empathy, and be customer-centric by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Strengthen your brand and demonstrate authority by sharing your knowledge with both your current and future buyers.

Scale your social network to build rapport with your buyers and increase your sales conversations.

Key Learnings

A strong online presence is crucial to a salesperson’s success.

This course teaches sellers how to build their professional reputations and increase sales conversations by strategically creating and sharing content on LinkedIn.

SPEAR Selling®

Outbound Sales Motion

The outbound sales process that uses Signals to pinpoint sales opportunities in both new and existing accounts.

Sell smarter by only targeting high-value accounts, reducing time and effort wasted on leads that will lead nowhere.

Course Modules

Prospect more efficiently by using Signals to build your Total Addressable Market.

Go deep into your top accounts by creating one-page action plans per account.

Get a competitive advantage by using virtual selling strategies and tools in your sales motions.

Achieve your growth goals with the proven sales process that opens more doors and enables more conversations.

Stay focused on accounts that are closest to the buying cycle by regularly reviewing your Total Addressable Market.

Key Learnings

83% of sellers cite poor time management as the top reason for missing their quota. They don’t know which accounts to prioritize and end up pursuing leads that lead nowhere.

SPEAR Selling trains sellers to leverage Signals so they can focus on prospects with the highest chances of conversion, drastically increasing their rate of long-term success.

Learning in Multiple Languages

Sales for Life offers our world-class certification programs in the following 10 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Mandarin (Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Our content presents with multi-language subtitles and voiceovers for broader learning and application. Talk to us today to get samples.

2. Apply Your Learnings To Your Accounts

Your revenue team will only get certified after applying what they have learned.

This means successfully activating an opportunity in a chosen account within 90 days.

We’ll guide them as they accomplish this, providing live facilitation sessions, an on-demand experience, and as much private one-on-one live daily coaching as they would require.

Practical Certification Milestones

Modern Branding Fundamentals

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Educate your network by sharing relevant content
  • Grow your network to expand your Sphere of Influence

SPEAR Selling

  • Use Signals to engage an account
  • Move forward the status of an opportunity in your pipeline
  • Increase the financial value of a sales opportunity
  • Engage an account using various platforms and messaging

Key Concepts Learned During Certification

Boost your pipeline with sales workflows that will help you sustain and scale your efforts.

Learn how to prioritize your accounts efficiently by visualizing your Total Addressable Market (TAM), as well as how to create one-page War Room action plans so you can see the status of your key accounts at a glance.

3. Scale Efficiently Without Increasing Headcount

Now that they’ve learned the methodology, have put it into practice, and have achieved certification, it’s time to scale.

By applying our prescriptive process to all their accounts, account penetration and sales opportunity creation is improved drastically.

Types of Signals

Competitive Signals

Tracks the presence of competitors and their influence on your target, named, or customer accounts.

Time Signals

Targets key stakeholders who join or leave your accounts, as they will inevitably start, stop, or pause projects, bringing new processes and perspectives with them along the way.


Focuses on decision-makers within your existing network to create opportunities with a higher possibility of converting into sales.

BONUS: Scale faster with 3 months of access to Signals

Scale faster with 3 months of free access to Signals, our premier sales intelligence service.

With Signals, we’ll generate data-backed insights for up to 1,000 accounts so that you can easily take advantage of opportunities and avoid potential risks.

Think of it as your account insurance policy.

To get more information about Signals, talk to us today.

The Result

Satisfied customers that outperform their peers and competitors.

Grow Pipeline by

5 %

Improve Win Rate by

2 %

Boost Quota by

0 %
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Evaluate The ScalePipeline System by Role

Curious to know how The ScalePipeline System is applicable for your role? We’ve organized some of our finest insights for you here.

Executive & Frontline Revenue Leaders


Traditionally, revenue growth is achieved through:

Instead, get more yield from your existing revenue team by implementing The ScalePipeline System. With signals in hand, they will create more pipeline and revenue.

0 %

of Revenue Leaders believe:

are most critical to the success of their organization over the next six months.

Sales Enablement Professionals

Program governance is key when bringing on any change management program. To enable this for your organization, here are some key program fundamentals.

Whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand users, your organization deserves the discipline and focus of process and management.

Our certifications can only be earned by creating actual results.

To earn their certificate, sellers must achieve a real-life sales outcome: opening a new door, going deeper into an existing account, retaining an account, or more.

We offer transparent, scalable pricing options.

You select the number of training sessions you want that fits your budget and requirements.

Alternatively, you can implement a Train-the-Trainer model where we train, certify and launch your internal training/readiness professionals to deploy the content.

Our content library allows on-demand access to our courses and training material, covering sales pipeline creation, account growth and retention.

We offer multiple one-on-one coaching times daily so you can get help when you need it.

Learners complete practical and hands-on assignments for key concepts. These are applied on real-life accounts for functional retention.

Each assignment is graded for completion and feedback is provided to learners where needed.

If users experience any technical challenges, they can get quick help via [email protected] Our support team is friendly, fast and focused on resolution.

When investing in a transformational program, reporting is a key element of governance. We provide real-time reporting from within our app in 3 different views:

  • Individual user
  • Team (for revenue leaders)
  • Super Users (for program managers or executive leaders)

The human brain naturally forgets 80% of learning in less than 7 days. To counter this, we mandate real-life application of concepts on a seller’s actual accounts. Teach-back application results in up to 90% retention.

When learners are certified, we continue the learning journey with practical and timely interval training. Delivered in chunks, we encourage the ongoing application of key concepts to strengthen the usage of our prospecting methodology.

Provide training to all new hires with our flexible content licenses. You can embed our learning content directly into our new hire sales onboarding programs or simply have us do it.

Sales for Life is the right partner for you if:

You need a proven, data-backed solution to your sales problems.
You have a results-focused mindset.
Your go-to-market strategy or sales motions fit these criteria:

Partnership Investment

Supercharge your team’s yield-per-seller by utilizing The ScalePipeline System.
Our pricing options are scalable and transparent.

Step 1: Select Your Content License

Immerse yourself in the most complete and broad modern selling library!


$5,000 / year


$25,000 / year


$75,000 / year


Contact Us

Number of Users

up to 10

up to 100

up to 500





Real-time Reporting

Signal Intelligence

3 months

3 months

3 months

Let’s Talk

$ 5,000
/ year
  • up to 10 users
  • Grading
  • Support
  • Coaching
  • Real-time Reporting
  • 3 months
    Signal Intelligence
$ 25,000
/ year
  • up to 100 users
  • Grading
  • Support
  • Coaching
  • Real-time Reporting
  • 3 months
    Signal Intelligence
$ 75,000
/ year
  • up to 500 users
  • Grading
  • Support
  • Coaching
  • Real-time Reporting
  • 3 months
    Signal Intelligence

Step 2: Add-on Professional Services

Option A: We’ll train you

Live Virtual Facilitation

$10,000 / cohort

100 attendee max recommendation
4 sessions x 60 minutes

Option B: We’ll train your trainer

Train the Trainer

$10,000 / trainer / year