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Sales Generated Pipeline Development Is Getting Tougher.

If you are a revenue leader that is serious about solving this problem, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the reality:
Unpredictable pipeline equals unpredictable revenue.

With only about 50% of sellers making quota, it’s easy to see why pipeline creation is a top priority for revenue leaders.

But sales-generated pipelines have two elements of risk that are largely unknown or ignored.


  • Sellers must have multiple contacts in accounts for success.  In fact, though 5 to 8 stakeholder relationships exist in buying committees, 91% of sellers maintain only 1 key contact in an account. This means sellers don’t know enough people in accounts. They would have already talked to them if they knew them.
  • Most B2B salespeople stay in their jobs for about 30 to 36 months. The people minding your revenue are not permanently with you. This puts revenue at considerable risk.

Options for Growth


1. Increase headcount

2. Expand into new or existing markets
(verticals, geographies, or buyer personas)

While both are sound, they don’t solve pipeline coverage issues across the team.

So what should you do? There is another option: 

3. Increasing the yield-per-seller of your team.

The Growth Opportunity

Grow your sales pipeline by 25% in just 90 days.

To create sales pipeline at scale, you need actionable intelligence on where to focus your time and efforts.

This intelligence comes in the form of Signals.

Signals reveal how your customers and prospects are evolving and can be used to engage accounts with confidence.

However, there are 3 roadblocks in converting Signals to pipeline:

Challenge 1

You don’t have a Signal Intelligence monitoring system to cover hundreds, if not thousands, of customer and target accounts.

Challenge 2

You don’t have a prescriptive and standardized prospecting methodology that helps convert Signals into pipeline.

Challenge 3

You lack the leadership and knowledge required to sustain the process for the long-term.

These challenges lead to poor account selection, prioritization and segmentation, as your sellers spend precious time on account that have little to know sales opportunity.

83.4% of the B2B sales professionals not achieving their sales quota cites poor time management as their #1 cause of failure.

– TOPO, a Gartner company

The ScalePipeline System:

The key to growing pipeline by 25% in 90 days

The ScalePipeline System achieves results through an integrated approach, combining sales intelligence, sales effectiveness, and workflows to increase sales conversions.

It is the only platform that enables sales-generated pipeline at scale for B2B revenue teams.

Whether you are selling to net new accounts, upselling, or cross-selling within your core customer base, we’ll help you increase your sales pipeline within 90 days.

This is accomplished via three pillars:

Signal Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Sales for Life Courses

Sales Training

Sales Workflows

How Does The ScalePipeline System Work?

How Does The ScalePipeline System Work?


Sales Intelligence

1. Sales Intelligence

Your Total Addressable Market will be mapped and your accounts will be monitored for Signal Intelligence so your sellers can strike at the right time to create opportunities.

Types of Signals:

Product Usage

Buying Intent

Competitive Intelligence




Sales Training

2. Sales Training

Your sales team will learn the prescriptive process to convert Signals into opportunities within 90 days. They will learn the steps and apply them to real-life accounts to generate pipeline outcomes.

What you will learn

Module 1: Enhance Your Social Presence & Reputation
Module 2: Share Content to Boost Your Reputation
Module 3: Grow Your Professional Network

Module 1: Select & Prioritize Accounts
Module 2: Plan Accounts
Module 3: Engage Accounts
Module 4: Activate Accounts
Module 5: Reprioritize Accounts


Sales Workflows

3. Sales Workflows

Sales workflows are the pull-through mechanism to help you sustain and scale efforts. We will continue to provide you with sales intelligence and offer access to daily coaching so you can confidently keep increasing your sales pipeline.

We provide you the ability to Visualize your Total Addressable Market and War Room your Key Account Plans.

The Result:

Satisfied customers that outperform
their peers and competitors.

Grow Pipeline by

5 %

Improve Win Rate by

2 %

Boost Quota by

0 %
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Sales for Life is the right partner for you if:

You need a proven, data-backed solution to your sales problems.

You have a results-focused mindset.

Your go-to-market strategy or sales motions fit these criteria:

Partnership Investment

Supercharge your team’s yield-per-seller by utilizing The ScalePipeline System.
Our pricing options are scalable and transparent.


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$6,000 USD

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$2,000 USD

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