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9 LinkedIn Hacks To Find New Hot Prospects

The easiest way to stop worrying about making quota is by exceeding it. LinkedIn offers search tools to help you make that happen on a regular basis and they are right under your fingertips. But what do search tools have to do with prospecting and exceeding quotas?

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You might be telling yourself, “Oh, I already emailed them” or “I don’t want to bother them again.” Falling prey to this thinking could cost you sales. Don’t be afraid to send more messages — more often than not your prospects will thank you for the reminder.

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How To Measure Your Social Selling Efforts With Your CRM [Video]

If you’ve implemented Social Selling into your organization, I applaud you. But you may have neglected to include one of the most important components of developing a Social Selling program: measurement. You need to build accountability into your key performance indicators (KPI). But how do you measure the effectiveness of your Social Selling efforts? The answer may be in a tool you probably already use: your CRM software.

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8 Fatal Mistakes Salespeople Make With Prospects [Infographic]

Sales reps know what they should do as much as they know what they shouldn’t do – unless your goal is to steer your leads straight to the exit door. Making the wrong move can negatively impact the buying process which may lead your prospect to seek new options somewhere else.

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A Single Platform That Helps You Auto-Magically Align Sales and Marketing

In this edition of The Social Tool Series, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Russo of HubSpot. Jeff is a Product Marketing Manager there and showed me the high-level possibilities of their CRM platform and sales insight tool called Sidekick.

For those of you that know HubSpot, you know them as a market leader in the Marketing Automation space. But did you know about HubSpot’s sales platform?

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Success Story: How Meru Networks Optimized Their Pipeline With Social Selling

I hope you’re already aware of the benefits of Social Selling training. But if you still have any lingering doubts, I’d like you to meet Kevin Coppins, former Vice-President of Sales at Meru Networks. Here’s Kevin’s story.

As Vice-President of Sales, Kevin could see that the sales process was changing. He wanted a dynamic sales force—not an “amateur sales force” that continued to use the same outdated techniques repeatedly without trying to improve their skills. He quickly saw that Social Selling has become an integral part of the sales process, and realized it was a unique sales process that would get his sales reps out of their comfort zones—and teach them new tools that they could leverage in order to succeed.

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How I Blew Up My Retirement Plan, Or The Road To Social Selling Success


Blow Up RetirementSpring is a time of new beginnings. It’s a time to take stock and gauge how you’re meeting your goals, and if you’re on track to creating a successful future. We all know that saving for retirement is a must. But have you thought about turning yourself and your business into your 401K (retirement savings plan)? That’s what I’ve done for myself and Sales for Life.

My story didn’t begin so happily. In June 2012, I was nearly bankrupt. My business was barely profiting, and my 401K was nearly nothing. In short, I knew I needed to change—and fast. At 34 years old at the time, I knew I needed to invest in my future, or I’d be in trouble. The turning point came for me in June 2012, when I attended an AA-ISP Leadership Summit. At the Summit, I went to a breakout session on the power of social for sales.

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Twitter 101: Social Selling In 140 Characters

Social Selling keeps on expanding in importance and proving to be essential for increasing revenue in 2015. And Twitter has become an effective but often overlooked part of this equation.

In writing about Twitter as a sales tool, HubSpot’s Emma Snider notes that “73% of U.S online customers trust information and advice from Twitter.” Here are 5 simple tips to jumpstart Social Selling efforts on Twitter:

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6 Good Reasons Why Prospects Just Aren’t Loving Your Content


Sharing, comments, and social media conversations are the three biggest indications that your prospects are really engaged with the content you are publishing. If your content is dropping into a deep well of silence, it’s time to take a hard look at what you’re doing. Great content builds your online reputation and expands your network. It enables conversations with potential clients and ultimately drives revenue. Bad content can have the opposite effect.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that sales reps make in creating content. It may be that one or more of these reasons are deterring prospects from sharing and preventing you from capturing more new leads.