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5 Songs For Sales Teams To Stay Super-Motivated

It’s a time-honored tradition, stretching back to Edison’s first phonograph. Sales teams gather together to blare inspirational music at each other and get pumped up for the day ahead. It still goes on everywhere because it works.

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6 Podcasts For Top Sales Leaders

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It’s no secret salespeople spend a ton of time in transit. Whether commuting to work or to a meeting, they need constant food for thought in order to keep their sales skills sharp. Here is a roundup of 6 of our team’s favourite podcasts for top sales leaders and pros looking to stay on top of their game and crush quota day in, day out.

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7 Powerful Motivations For Doing Social Selling Right

powerful motivations for social sellingSocial selling training is the same as learning any new skill: there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. Unlike most skillsets, however, training and executing social selling the wrong way can actually do your organization more harm than good.

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12 Ways To Overcome Your Summer Sales Slump

Ah, summertime and the livin’ is easy. But the sales might not be. Executives and professionals tend to spend more time on vacation, with their families or just generally seem to move slower.