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The Unsung Heroes Of Social Selling Programs

An unsung hero that social selling and digital selling has been having on sales organizations a lot of people haven’t been talking about is recruiting and retention.

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Why Sales Team Need to Use Video In The Sales Recruiting Process!

 Sales Recruiting ProcessThe world has changed. You don’t have time to read 100’s of resumes, and video communications with clients & prospects is going to be a reality.

It’s time your sales team starts using video in the sales recruiting process.

In addition to saving time, using video in your recruitment process will help you get a better feel for your candidates.

Check out 2 tips about using SAVO Inspire and Intervue.

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LinkedIn – Resume or Sales Tool?

Having been in Recruiting for the past 8 years, I must say that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful “Social Recruiting” tools in the market. At the very least, a hiring manager will use LinkedIn to validate a candidate’s social profile to help them formulate an opinion of a potential hire. If that’s the case, think about your profile for a minute and what it says about you? If your profile is like most business development reps (check out – Why Sales Reps Suck at Business Development) your profile may or may not even have your picture (by the way this is a must), a list of the jobs you held in the past, the schools you attended or an outline of your performance in each of your sales roles like a mini-resume. If this sums up your profile, please read on!

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Guess Why You Struggle to Find Top Sales Talent – Contingent Recruiting is DYING!

If you haven’t noticed it already, 2012 was a difficult year to find fantastic sales talent. There are two reasons for this recruitment challenge:

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Cut the BS Out of Your Interviews


Having interviewed thousands of sales people it still surprises me on how many sales people think they can wing-it in an interview. It’s time to cut the BS out of your interviews and prepare to win. In the following blog, I will be sharing three simple strategies that will help put you at the top of the sales podium.

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Get Your Sales Resume Out Of The Recycling Bin


Wouldn’t it be great to get feedback from an employer every time you send in your sales résumé? Sure it would, but now let’s get back to reality. Having personally read 1,000’s of sales résumés over the past 8 years, and having spoken to several 100 hiring managers and HR professionals, I can honestly say that most résumés only get a 15-20 second glance before going into the recycling bin if they don’t catch the readers eye. So if you only have 15-20 seconds, what do you want to share with your reader and prospective employer?

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Is Your Image Costing You Money? First Impressions Are Important!

First Impressions

Does Image = Success?

Consider these facts. Judgments regarding ethics, education, intelligence and capabilities are made within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone for the first time. First impressions are nearly impossible to change once formed.

Fewer than 1 in 20 customers will give you honest feedback when it is even slightly negative. What is your image costing you?