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How To Use Twitter For Finding New Prospects

There’s a lot of hype around LinkedIn & Sales Navigator, although they’re great tools, I think we all forget that there’s another equally amazing platform for social selling: Twitter! With no restrictions of access to user data, millions of users in every vertical, and a $0 price tag, Twitter is a great place to participate in conversations and connect with buyers.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool makes social selling on their medium painless. You essentially pay for a premium license to get instant access to the buyers you are looking to engage. Twitter, on the other hand, isn’t as simple: there’s a lot of noise to cut through to find & engage your ideal buyers.

Don’t be discouraged though, here are some tips & tools to help making social selling on Twitter a breeze!

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Building Relationships On Twitter Beyond 140 Characters

Building Relationships on Twitter Beyond 140 CharactersMany sales professionals and leaders can’t wrap their heads around Twitter. Even those bought into Social Selling don’t get the full power and potential that this 140 character platform has in the sales process.

On the flip side, those that aren’t bought into social’s effectiveness in the sales process dismiss Twitter’s usage outright. They cite lack of clarity, purpose and know-how as primary reasons.

Given this information, some of the questions that naturally emerge remain unanswered. Let’s discuss how Twitter can benefit your Social Selling efforts in this post.

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LinkedIn And Twitter: A 7-Step Social Selling Routine [Infographic]

LinkedIn vs. Twitter, who reigns supreme for the best network for Social Selling?

Believe it or not, but both offer features that help reach buyers at different stages throughout their journey. The following infographic by PeopleLinx outlines a simple step-by-step routine that you can follow to incorporate LinkedIn and Twitter within your Social Selling routine.

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5 Big Mistakes That Social Sellers Make On Twitter

Sharing content and engaging with potential clients on Twitter (the world’s second largest social network) has become a must for sales professionals. But many sales reps aren’t using Twitter correctly, which means lost conversations and opportunities. If you truly want to grow your client base and maximize your success, avoid these common Twitter mistakes that will negatively affect your both your network—and your bottom line.

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Social Selling On Twitter: The Definitive Guide For Using #Hashtags

Have you or your sales team ever wondered how to find targeted buyers on Twitter? There’s hundreds of thousands of tweets going out every minute and some of those are from prospects talking about the problems that your company solves, yet social sellers spend 76% of their time on LinkedIn and only 16% on Twitter.

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Twitter 101: Social Selling In 140 Characters

Social Selling keeps on expanding in importance and proving to be essential for increasing revenue in 2015. And Twitter has become an effective but often overlooked part of this equation.

In writing about Twitter as a sales tool, HubSpot’s Emma Snider notes that “73% of U.S online customers trust information and advice from Twitter.” Here are 5 simple tips to jumpstart Social Selling efforts on Twitter:

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Why You Should Consider Adding Twitter to Your Prospecting Mix

When it comes to social selling and social media prospecting, LinkedIn seems to be most people’s go-to platform. LinkedIn is obviously a powerful professional network full of business contacts. But what many don’t realize is that Twitter can be equally valuable, if not more, than LinkedIn when it comes to Social Selling. Both bring something unique to the mix.

So why is Twitter so often overlooked? In this post we make a case and explain why social sellers should seriously think about using Twitter in addition to LinkedIn as part of their social media prospecting efforts.