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Why Social Selling Must Be A Priority for Your Next Sales Hire

The B2B sales landscape is changing. Drastically. Outbound techniques like calling and emailing are in decline, and these days 84% of all B2B companies are relying on peer recommendations and referrals to start the purchasing process rather than going to a rep.

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3 Pillars For Rolling Out Skill-Based Training For New Sales Hires

skill based training new hiresI’d like you to picture that you coach a sports team. You’ve been hired after the annual draft, and need to start assembling your final roster during training camp. How do you think the most successful coaches would approach training camp?

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Growth-Hungry Startups: 4 Tips for Building a Team of Sales All-Stars Fast

sales-growth-hiring.jpgIf you run a startup, you’re no stranger to facing the unknown. Bringing a new product or service to the market is always a unique endeavor full of unexpected ups and downs.

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Dear Competitor: This Is How I Poach Your Clients

How to Poach ClientsEach month thousands of organizations stop doing business with one company and start giving business to another. It’s commonplace, and in many cases the process is made easier by organizations that have failed to protect themselves against a competitor’s penetration strategies.

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I Didn’t Know Social Selling Would Help Me With This

As we know, social selling can help salespeople build pipeline and revenue, however, from personal experience I’ve learned that social can help with hiring talent too.

Digital is changing the way progressive companies are attracting talent. Modern companies who have taken the plunge into digital and social have increased their ability to:

1. Attract the right talent, and 2. Retrain talent through various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Hiring For Modern Sales Organization: A Prescriptive Approach

Sales Team Skills Accelerate RevenueDo you hire based on gut feeling, personality assessments, and the like? Full disclosure: I do, too. I bat less than 500 when it comes to hiring. As a sales leader, I’ve always hired based on gut feel. And the instinct of sales leaders is to hire people similar to you—the thinking being that if you’re successful, you want people with similar traits and styles so that they’ll also be successful.

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Aggressive Cold Calling Job Posts (Video)

Why do companies emphasize cold calling in job posts? It’s time to modernize and reconsider other sales tools.

In the age of the modern day buyer, the sales industry has yet to modernize! Make no mistake about it; you are a modern buyer yourself. The first place you begin your search for anything these days is…drum roll please…the internet and social media!

So, why do companies still use terms like “aggressive cold calling required” in their sales job postings?

In this day and time, it amazes me to see how brands are still married to cold calling as the only legitimate way a sales person can generate buzz, interest and drum up opportunities.

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Power Up Your Millennials With Social, Or Watch The Lights Go Out

MillenialsI’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Millennials lately. Sales leaders and business owners are pissed off about Millennials’ approach to career progression, entitlement and hell, even dress code.

Hey, I get it. They approach work with a style different that you’re accustom to dealing with.

However, trying to convert them to your sales process is going to be like canoeing upstream against Niagara Falls!

In 6 years, the Millennial will make up 50% of the workforce, and 75% in 10 years!

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How Video Changed Our Sales Recruitment Process!

Sales Recruitment ProcessAs I’ve mentioned in other blogs, we love using SAVO Inspire. It has made us tons of money, and saved us tons of time. From the recruiting aspect, this is a monster time saver and changed our sales recruitment process.

At Sales for Life, we are growing our sales footprint around the world. There are also many great sales professionals that apply to our job board. However, not every candidate is a great fit for Sales for Life. This is where video comes in.

We love to send a video using SAVO Inspire to each applying candidate.

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Social Selling will help you hire & retain sales reps!

I was on the phone with a Kevin Coppins @ >Meru Networks last week talking about their Social Selling goals for 2014. Typically, I hear goals like: