Power Up Your Millennials With Social, Or Watch The Lights Go Out

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

MillenialsI’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Millennials lately. Sales leaders and business owners are pissed off about Millennials’ approach to career progression, entitlement and hell, even dress code.

Hey, I get it. They approach work with a style different that you’re accustom to dealing with.

However, trying to convert them to your sales process is going to be like canoeing upstream against Niagara Falls!

In 6 years, the Millennial will make up 50% of the workforce, and 75% in 10 years!

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Are you a sales leader who’s 35 to 45 years old right now and intend to build a huge sales leadership career over the next 15 to 25 years? If you don’t learn how to adapt to a tidal wave of employees that want to squash your COLD CALLING sales process, you won’t be a leader for long.

In fact, companies that don’t find a way to embrace Millennials and their social ways, will have the lights punched out of them within 5 years.

Listen, I train companies around the world. I’ve seen every conceivable sales department on this planet. Many of these sales teams have a MONSTER generational gap. It’s starting to really show in their social presence and marketing content. Get ready, because you’re in for a rude awakening!

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