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96% Of Fortune 500 Companies Are Losing Market Share – Don’t Join Them

failure to innovateThis morning, one of our sales professionals was having a meaningful conversation with a potential client. The client already has a social selling program underway, and a few social selling resources assigned to the project. They’ve realized that social and digital selling techniques need to become a part of the overall sales process. However, they fear they’re not moving fast enough. 

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3 Ways Increasing Yield Per Rep Is Like The Olympic 100 Meter Dash

yield per rep

I was recently on a conference call with Sauro Lamberti, Managing Director of Nuovamacut in Italy. We were talking about the digital transformation that Nuovamacut is proposing for their EMEA salesforce when Sauro said something incredibly insightful about transforming their sales team:

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How To Successfully Implement A Social Selling Program

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Horrible Sales Emails II And How Social Selling Can Help

horrible-sales-emails.jpgMost salespeople have sent and received their fair share of unwelcomed emails. They wake up, check their inbox, and glaze over rows upon rows of standard subject lines. Maybe they’ll remember a time when they took on the blast approach, simply because they didn’t know any better.

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From the Experts: The #1 Problem For Salespeople in 2017 [Weekly Roundup]


Welcome to your sales weekly roundup for February 10-17. This week we’re checking out the #1 problem for modern salespeople, Altimeter’s latest report on digital selling and the value of creating consistent messaging in sales. Enjoy.

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The Status Quo Is No Longer Viable: Let’s Measure Marketing Like Sales


How do you nurture a culture of alignment if you’re not even in the same city? The biggest fundamental challenge to sales and marketing teams today is exactly this: how do you measure success?


We Win! Uberflip Awarded 2017 Killer Content Award for Bundled Content


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A Battle-Tested Process For Account-Based Sales Success [Infographic]

Account Based Sales Development

What is the best account-based sales routine out there? We gathered and tested data-driven processes from sales innovation leaders such as TOPO, Trish Bertuzzi and Engagio to find out. The results are listed below.

How do you leverage digital to accelerate your account-based efforts? What insights spark relevant conversations within accounts? What are some of the most successful sales teams doing?

The following infographic details a daily methodology your team can use to land and expand named accounts.It is by no means exhaustive, but provides the essential structure you need to build a world-class ABSD team. Happy hunting.

ABSD Team Infographic


Building A Social Selling Ecosystem [Video]

social-selling-ecosystem.jpgTired of missing sales? Maybe it’s time to take a page out of Grant Cardone’s book. The best-selling author, international speaker and real estate investor wants to use social selling to grow business from $100 million to $200 million.

How exactly he’s going to do that is a little less clear-cut. The following video provides an overview of the three pillars of social selling and how to get started. But for more granular tips, tricks and tactics, sign up for 10X Growth Con.

Can’t afford a trip down to Miami? Check out Jamie and Grant’s separate tracks at our free virtual summit Digital Growth Conference here

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How Does Social Selling Help Lower Customer Acquisition Cost?


From a granular point of view, how does social selling help actually lower customer acquisition cost? This is something I think a lot of VPs are wondering about.