How To Successfully Implement A Social Selling Program

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

A recent Forrester study found that B2B sellers who embrace social selling are 72% more likely to exceed quotas than their peers who don’t. But many companies are still struggling with how to roll out a successful social selling program.
In this session, Amar Sheth from Sales for Life and Kevin Gillies from LinkedIn Sales Solutions will review some of the frameworks and key considerations you should take when planning out your social selling strategy. 
They will be joined by Stan de Boisset and Anthony Cerche from Juniper Networks who will share their strategies for success and lessons learned from implementing their social selling program. You’ll learn:
  • Why social selling should be a strategic initiative at every company
  • The importance of aligning sales, marketing and enablement for social selling initiatives
  • Key tactics on how to approach and measure the success of a social selling program

Date: Thursday, March 9th

Time: 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Price: Free

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling