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Is Your Company Ready For Social Selling?

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Why Digital Transformation Always Requires A Top-Down Strategy

With so much literature and data supporting the need for digital transformation, it might seem like all modern companies are making the leap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only 3 percent of CEOs say they’ve successfully completed digital transformations. Why? They might be standing in their own way.

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How To Use WhatsApp As Your Vehicle For Sharing Insights With Buyers


If you have a global sales force, at some point, you’ll encounter WhatsApp in your sales conversations. It’s absolutely the #1 communication platform in markets like Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. 

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What’s a CEO’s Role in Digital Transformation?

With a mecca of digital and social selling tools available to modern sales organizations, many companies are in the midst of a digital transformation. They’re leveraging the power of technology by building a sales and marketing tech stack that empowers efficiencies and drives smarter (and increased) sales.

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Best Practices of the Most Successful Digital Transformation Projects


If you believe that the world today is a very different place than what it was even four years ago, there’s a new set of hard data to back you up. Businesses all over the globe are struggling to keep pace with an unprecedented rate of change in technology and culture. New research shows that many firms are not satisfied with their attempts so far and that only a few transforming organizations have both measurably improved their performance in the market and were able to hold on to those improvements.

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How to Approach Digital Sales with Free Thinking

digital-sales-free-thinkingWe all have leadership expectations to meet, goals to reach, and milestones to achieve. Think you or your buyers and customers are not biased? Think again. It’s baked into us from a young age—check out this post from HubSpot on 26 forms of bias.

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6 Digital Practices That Bring Back 5X More Revenue Growth for B2B

It’s not fair. Some B2B companies really do have an unbeatable advantage. New research from McKinsey points to a specific path for digital transformation as the defining factor allowing some B2B leaders to post operating profits 8X greater than their peers on 5X greater revenue growth. In fact, overall, these leaders can post an average profit growth of 13.5 percent while the rest of the industry watches their margins shrink.

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6 Leadership Stories from Sales Leaders On A Digital Sales Transformation

I’ve seen all kinds of sales leaders. Some that are as inspiring to their sales teams as Churchill and Napoleon, some as forgettable as King Edward V (he lasted less than 3 months).

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Digital Sales Transformation Will Change The Perception Of Business

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Business isn’t bad. Why do so many people think it is?

Coming from an upbringing of academics mixed with business, there was always a tug of war. But positive mindsets triumphed.  Individuals that are constantly learning are changing business, the world. As the speed of change accelerates, impact grows from transforming together, but there are still too many silos.  Business innovation will elevate humanity – if we let it, and work together.

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Digital Disruption Will Lead To Extinction For Analog Sales Leaders


With the rapid change in the B2B sales landscape, being a sales leader today is more difficult than ever. The statement “sales has changed more in the past 10 years than in the past 100 years” couldn’t be more true than now.