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Social Selling Equals Sales & Marketing Alignment

Business People Teamwork

Getting the sales and marketing departments of any business to work together seamlessly is almost always a tug of war.

Marketing creates tons of high-value content but can’t get their sales teams to share it. Sales teams feel that they don’t have the support of marketing and are not handed enough quality leads.

It’s an age-old struggle that I’ve seen hundreds of times. In an ideal environment, sales and marketing would work together as one cohesive unit to pass information and leads back and forth openly. In reality though, it rarely works out this way.

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Best of Sales for Life: Our 5 Most Inspiring Blog Posts


Sometimes, the first step to achieving success is believing in yourself.

The majority of the content on this Sales for Life blog is about the sales industry and practical tips on social selling. However, sometimes the biggest barriers to success in sales and social selling isn’t learning to use social media tools, nor company red tape.

Sometimes, we stand in the way of ourselves because we have limiting beliefs about success/money or fears about change. To help knock down these invisible barriers so we can grow, here is a collection of our inspiring and motivational blog posts. These blog posts may mention sales or social selling, but the lessons go much deeper than that.

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SUCCESS STORY: 41% Pipeline from Social Selling & $28,000 Deal in the Bag (Video)

Jennifer Macaskill

Jennifer MacAskill from Cision has boosted her sales pipeline significantly by using LinkedIn.

What happens when you become a social seller? If you’re doing it correctly, you deliver immense value to your buyers. Your agenda is to provide this value to as many people as possible. You can’t help it – it’s just something you do.

A great by-product of providing value are more opportunities in your pipeline and more sales.

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One Simple Step to Help Sell Social Selling to Management (Video)

Selling to Management

Are you trying to sell Social Selling to your manager or CEO?

While there is empirical evidence of Social Selling success all over the internet, do you have doubters internally? The best way to showcase the power of Social Selling is to feature the success of select individuals and use their story to demonstrate the positive outcomes.

In August 2014, Sales for Life is launching Learn Social Selling which will allow any sales professional to be part of an Open Enrollment training class (individually).

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Attention CMO’s – Social Selling Training MUST be Offered FREE to Marketing!

social selling for marketing

Social Selling CANNOT exist without Marketing.

If the Marketing team is not part of your Social Selling training program, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

We offer training to Marketing departments for free as part of our social selling training programs because they are so vital, and we can’t allow a budgeting conflict between themselves and sales. We make the decision on including marketing in the training program an easy one to make!

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2 ROI Calculators to Explain Social Selling to Your CEO

Social Selling ROI

If your organization is new to using social media for sales, you may have to explain Social Selling ROI to your management or executive leadership team.

There are 2 ways to determine the ROI of a Social Selling program.

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Destroy Your Notion of “My Network” on LinkedIn

My Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is NOT Facebook – yet so many sales professionals treat them one-in-the-same.

I want you to start thinking of yourself as a ‘Digital Newspaper”, and now with the advent of LinkedIn Publishing, you truly can become this.

Watch the video below for the 4 reasons you need to look at LinkedIn networks differently. If you need help getting started on using LinkedIn for sales, check out our 7 Most Popular LinkedIn Tips.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy as a Social Seller

Social Selling Quotes

Social selling is your new secret weapon for reaching your sales targets.

If you currently hold a quota-carrying sales position or had one in the past, then you’ve likely worried about reaching your targets at one point in time or another. This stress simply comes with the territory. Everyone in sales has months or quarters where, regardless of their effort, the monetary value of their closed deals did not reach their level of expectations.

Not reaching your goal could happen for a number of external reasons, such as summer vacations, long sales cycles, economic conditions and so on. It could also be a result of internal factors like poor forecasting, improper qualifying or a small sales pipeline of prospects.

Fortunately for all of you sales professionals out there, the technology age has brought about an entirely new set of tools that can alleviate the stress of reaching quota by helping you exceed your targets and transforming you into a social seller.

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Power to the People!

Social Selling

Sales people: this one is for you. Read on, for all is not lost!

Buyers and sellers have always lived in a system of comfortable checks and balances. While one may have had more information, the other always seemed to have the money. Today, buyers seem to have access to much more information than before while still controlling the money! That’s a scary thing for sales people.

Or is it?

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My First 3 Months as a Social Seller: $39,500 in New Business

Social Selling

This post is a follow up to an early post I made at the start of my tenure at Sales for Life called My First 2 Weeks as a Social Seller: 500% More LinkedIn Profile Views. I thought it would be helpful for everyone if I documented how my massive increase in Social Selling activity has translated into dollars and cents.

Since completing Sales for Life’s Social Selling Mastery training my social networks have expanded exponentially. In the last 3 months I have added 600+ contacts to my LinkedIn network and 200+ connections to Twitter network, many of whom fall within our target market.