Social Selling Equals Sales & Marketing Alignment

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Getting the sales and marketing departments of any business to work together seamlessly is almost always a tug of war.

Marketing creates tons of high-value content but can’t get their sales teams to share it. Sales teams feel that they don’t have the support of marketing and are not handed enough quality leads.

It’s an age-old struggle that I’ve seen hundreds of times. In an ideal environment, sales and marketing would work together as one cohesive unit to pass information and leads back and forth openly. In reality though, it rarely works out this way.

The Answer to Sales & Marketing Alignment

If you have struggled with finding a solution to this revenue-draining problem, than look no further. Social Selling training could be the answer you’re looking for! As an integral component of Sales for Life’s Social Selling Mastery program, we work with both the sales and marketing departments of an organization simultaneously.

We teach sales teams to become content marketers, utilizing the marketing department’s content to find and nurture leads in the their networks. At the same time, we teach marketing departments to create higher-value content for their sales teams and to effectively hand-off qualified leads. The end result: synergy.

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The Benefits of Sales & Marketing Alignment

With sales and marketing properly aligned towards the same end goal, companies experience a significant increase in revenue, a greater level of productivity and more open channels of communication with their buyers. This is literally one of the most beneficial projects that any organization can undertake and yet it is so often over looked.

A company’s first thought when trying to increase revenue is often to hire more reps and/or have reps make more calls. If you’re considering this approach, STOP! It is way easier to train your existing resources to work together than it is train new ones and burn out old ones. Your company will profit, and your sales and marketing teams will thank you for investing in their education.

Have you had issues aligning your sales and marketing teams? Let me know via the comment box below.

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