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How LinkedIn TeamLink™ + IKO System = Sales Opportunities!

RecommendedYet again, our social selling champion from TIBCO – Spotfire, Mimoun Khalloufi, has brought us another example of great social selling best practices.

If you’re not leveraging the network you’ve worked hard to build, you’re wasting your network!

The team at Spotfire uses both IKO System (available in the USA/Canada this summer) and LinkedIn TeamLink.

Here are the core steps that Mimoun is taking to drive opportunities!

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Radio Shack & Prospecting

Radio Shack & ProspectingThis image of an old Radio Shack circular from 1991 is shared and talked about quite heavily online these days.

Take a look at some of the items for sale; it should make you chuckle. Take a look at this haul: answering machines for $50 with the old cassette tapes, computers for over $1500, camcorders, CD players, etc. It’s as if we’ve reached an electronic gadget twilight zone.

If you add up all the items in that picture, it’s well over $3,000.

So what’s the point of all of this?

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LinkedIn Publishing: Soon To Be The World’s Greatest Curated Content Source

LinkedIn PublishingTrust me – I’m not just saying this because I love LinkedIn.

I’m saying this because up until now, the best sources for user generated content have been Twitter, social blog aggregators like or Flipboard, or digital newspapers like and

They’re all amazing – but for the most part, these tools are curation machines that have only a small number of users contributing original content. Thus, the main way of using these tools is to build influencer lists for your buyer personas so that you can focus in on only those few individuals that are truly contributing to your industry.

But now LinkedIn is offering a publishing platform.

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No More Prospects, Only Future Advocates!

Future AdvocatesJill Rowley is a superhero. She doesn’t wear a mask or cape but she does capture bad guys. Who are these ‘bad guys’, you wonder? They’re the unquestioned and accepted things we’ve come to accept from sales people.

She’s got amazing spidey senses for doing right by her customers. And because of this, she’s rattling our cages to wake us up. There’s an amazing opportunity ahead for sales professionals, she loves to assure me.

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SUCCESS STORY: 50% of Sales Pipeline From Social Selling!

Social Success Factor: How Jessica Voss Fills 50% of Sales Pipeline Through Social Selling

By now I hope you don’t think social selling is just some obscure and foggy theory that a bunch of us crazies are ranting about.

Okay fine, some of us are crazy. That’s beside the point.

Either way, I want you to check this out. This is really powerful. Here is a seasoned sales professional using social media to her full advantage. Meet Jessica Voss of inContact: the Cloud Contact Center Enterprise Solutions GURU! She’s a prodigy of sales aficionado Scott Logan who has developed a powerful and fierce social selling culture at inContact.

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No One Ever Got Fired for Buying IBM

Have you heard the saying ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM’?

It was a popular one in the business world, used to describe how IBM was always considered the “safe bet”. If a company executive had to make a choice between proposals from different vendors, the one from IBM would be a smart choice. Why? Because it wouldn’t ruffle any feathers or raise any eyebrows.

No one questions things being done the same old way.

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What’s on Your Bookshelf?

The Challenger SaleI’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not much of a reader.

I straddle between being of Gen X age and a Gen Y digester of media. I listen to books, watch videos on YouTube – I learn digitally.

BUT when I meet sales reps from all around the world, it always astonishes me how many are NOT INVESTING IN THEMSELVES.

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SUCCESS STORY: Sales Pro Uses Social Selling to BOOST Revenue!

  • Social Success Factor Marcus GarciaMeet Marcus Garcia of inContact, he’s a seasoned Sales Professional with years of experience. Marcus comes from the school of hard knocks and traditional selling.

I had a chance to sit down with him and learn what he’s doing to supercharge his pipeline efforts using social selling. Marcus is using LinkedIn like a champ! He’s able to identify prospects and spark conversations using really unique techniques.

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Sales Leaders: Resistance is Futile

Sales LeadersResistance is Futile” – Star Trek

This blog post marks a major achievement, something I’ve always wanted to do but have never had the creative ability or context to pull off. Until now.

I’ve just quoted Star Trek in a professional setting.

Personal achievements aside, I wanted to share our frank opinion with you. By “our” I mean the bunch of us that want to shake things up a little in the world of sales. But we’re being kept at bay. It feels like we’re about to ask our parents to do something that will help us grow but they think that preventing us will help protect us.

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It’s Your Business to Know Their Business

Businessman Questions

Don’t be a businessman, be a business…man.

I’m ticking the box for another blogging milestone: improvising famous lyrics by hip-hop impresario Jay-Z on a blog about sales. Seems outlandish, but it’s quite the opposite; it’s highly relevant to what we do today.

As sales professionals, we all claim to know our customers’ business. But I’m here to argue that you don’t.