SUCCESS STORY: Sales Pro Uses Social Selling to BOOST Revenue!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
  • Social Success Factor Marcus GarciaMeet Marcus Garcia of inContact, he’s a seasoned Sales Professional with years of experience. Marcus comes from the school of hard knocks and traditional selling.

I had a chance to sit down with him and learn what he’s doing to supercharge his pipeline efforts using social selling. Marcus is using LinkedIn like a champ! He’s able to identify prospects and spark conversations using really unique techniques.

If you’re a sales person looking to hear from your peers, then look no further. Marcus is a perfect example of how a little imagination, some process and commitment are all you need to start taking your pipeline to the next level.

Marcus describes how he still uses all forms of prospecting in his daily routine but has brought social selling into the mix. Pay particular attention to what he says about content; it’ll change your perspective on what you should be doing.

Social Selling Expert

The Bottom Line

Are you using social selling as a part of your daily routine? Marcus is doing a GREAT job on taking care of his clients and helping potential buyers in their online journey. He’s able to add tremendous value upfront in the buying cycle so that when it comes time for buyers to look for solutions – where the rubber hits the road if you will – he’s already built a solid foundation with them.

As we all know in our crazy world of sales, if you’re not first the chances of you making the sale diminish greatly.

Inspired to start learning about social selling? Book some time in my calendar and I’ll walk you through how you can use the same techniques that have made Marcus so successful.

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