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Jill Rowley Speaks On Enabling Social Selling For The Enterprise

Professional MeetIt’s not every day that I get an opportunity to talk to Jill Rowley so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance. She’s super busy with her speaking engagements, consulting work, family and more.

I invited her to speak candidly about Social Selling and specifically how to mitigate enablement risks around it. Without further delay, here is the interview. Be sure to read the blog as well.

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The 30 Year Paycheck: It’s Redemption Time (Video)

Social Series

Are you in your job for the paycheck or the adventure?

This blog is definitely one of my favorites. I had the opportunity to interview Sander Biehn about his new work, “The 30 Year Paycheck: Destruction and Redemption in Corporate America”.

For those that don’t know Sander, he is a superstar who has closed millions of dollars in revenue by using social selling techniques during his sales process. He is now a newly minted author who offers a fresh perspective on a topic that affects us all.

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The Social Influencer Series: Steve Richard Brings Balance to The Force

The Social Influencer Series of Steve Richard

In this episode of the Social Influencer Series, Steve Richard of VorsightBP/Vorsight talks about finding a balance between traditional cold calling and modern social selling.

In the intergalactic fight between social sellers & cold callers, Steve Richard brings balance to The Force.
Steve leads the charge at VorsightBP/Vorsight and is one of the pre-eminent voices and leaders in the world of sales today. Vorsight is one of the biggest names in tele-prospecting today, so it may seem a little unorthodox for this social seller to have him on the show, but the two are not so different. Steve assures me of this and validates this point brilliantly.

Steve tells us that the modern-day sales professional is one that finds the harmony between cold calling and social selling. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

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The Social Influencer Series: Nick Foster Discusses the Future of Sales & Marketing

The Social Influencer Series

Nick Foster, the former CMO of Softchoice, shares his insights about the future of sales and marketing, and how social selling fits in.

Welcome to The Social Influencer Series, a new video series we’re starting at Sales for Life, dedicated to learning more about how social media is impacting the world of sales & marketing. When we have the opportunity to learn from business visionaries and thought leaders, we jump at the chance.

Nick Foster is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Softchoice, one of North America’s biggest technology powerhouses. I had the opportunity to ask him about his insights on what the future of sales & marketing could hold. For the sales professionals watching this, there is a lot you’ll learn from Nick’s perspectives.

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The Social Influencer Series: Julio Viskovich

The Social Influencer SeriesAs social selling started to creep up on the sales community, we found out that we were all really late to the party.

While buyers were already researching solutions online, the B2B sales world finally woke up to this reality a while later.

One of the few people that brought this to our attention was Julio Viskovich. I like to refer to him as the Jedi of Social Selling. Not only because I love Star Wars, but also because Julio is one of the Top 10 Social Selling Influencers that I look to for guidance.

I had the chance to sit down with him as he explained his perspectives on social selling, where sales reps are with it, and what his predictions are for the balance of the year.