The Social Influencer Series: Steve Richard Brings Balance to The Force

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

The Social Influencer Series of Steve Richard

In this episode of the Social Influencer Series, Steve Richard of VorsightBP/Vorsight talks about finding a balance between traditional cold calling and modern social selling.

In the intergalactic fight between social sellers & cold callers, Steve Richard brings balance to The Force.
Steve leads the charge at VorsightBP/Vorsight and is one of the pre-eminent voices and leaders in the world of sales today. Vorsight is one of the biggest names in tele-prospecting today, so it may seem a little unorthodox for this social seller to have him on the show, but the two are not so different. Steve assures me of this and validates this point brilliantly.

Steve tells us that the modern-day sales professional is one that finds the harmony between cold calling and social selling. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

In this video, Steve explain how he and his firm are using social selling alongside their cold calling efforts to drive bigger and better results. Isn’t this something we all want?

Watch the video to hear Steve explain.

The Bottom Line

The goal here is to add value as Steve explains. It’s our job as sales professionals to use all mediums available to us to make sure of this. Although social sellers love to be dramatic about the end of cold calling (guilty as charged!), the reality is that the phone is not going away. It would be odd to think otherwise.

The key here is to supplement some social selling into your existing sales efforts.

Need some help in bringing balance to your cold calling world? Social selling can help. Remember, social selling isn’t difficult, it’s just different.
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