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Your Phone On Steroids: 7 Essential Apps For Social Sellers

Mobile phones have become like an appendage for most people today. Not only do they keep us connected with the modern world 24/7 via phone and email, with the invention of mobiles apps there is literally now nothing they can’t do. Playing music, video conferencing, flying a drone helicopter… these are just a few of the limitless functions that mobile phones are now capable of executing.

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How Sales Reps and Marketers Use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator Jpeg Lead CaptureSocial Selling has reshaped the online marketplace. When LinkedIn released Sales Navigator, it noted that that 75 percent of B2B buyers use social media to research vendors, and three out of four buyers prefer vendors recommended by their network.

To take advantage of this social marketplace, LinkedIn has assembled the tools sales reps and marketers have requested most and integrated them into Sales Navigator. Here’s a look at how to effectively use this multifaceted tool.

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Social Selling Tool Kit: Building a Content Library

Social Selling Toolkit
Welcome to the Social Selling Toolkit Series. This is the beginning of a bi-weekly blog series that is going to focus on a specific segment of Social Selling tools in each post. The topic focuses will cover areas like CRMS, tracking & automation tools, mobile integrations and online meeting platforms.

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Social Tool Series: SalesLoft, Your New BFF in Sales

Social Tool Series

Everyone needs a BFF, especially if you’re in sales with ever-increasing quotas, demands, and those oh-so-friendly customers.

Well, cheer up! There’s a new tool here to help you. Meet SalesLoft and its charismatic founder and Chief Evangelist, Kyle Porter.

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Social Tool Series: oFunnel Finds Needles in the Haystack (Video)

oFunnel is like Google Alerts, but for your LinkedIn network.

In the never-ending quest to find productivity tools for the modern-day sales pro, I had a chance to come across and learn about oFunnel. The company was founded by Kushal Shah and Van Chappell and it has one mission: to make the life of the sales professional a whole lot easier.

It’s not often that we find people trying to make the lives of sales people better. There has been a recent uptick in sales productivity apps and tools, and oFunnel is clearly a part of that movement. There’s no turning back, the world of sales is going to have to make a little bit of seat room for social selling.

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Socedo & The Swag Factor (Video)


Got swag? If not, get Socedo (pronounced soh-see-doe)!

Socedo is one of the most ingenious tools to hit the sales and marketing street in a long time. It automates tasks that were once thought impossible. Brought to you by CEO Aseem Badshah, Socedo helps sales and marketing professionals identify the right people and automate interaction with them.

Don’t believe me? Well you only need to check out the demo in the video below and see that the tool’s extensive capabilities.