Social Tool Series: SalesLoft, Your New BFF in Sales

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Tool Series

Everyone needs a BFF, especially if you’re in sales with ever-increasing quotas, demands, and those oh-so-friendly customers.

Well, cheer up! There’s a new tool here to help you. Meet SalesLoft and its charismatic founder and Chief Evangelist, Kyle Porter.

The World is Getting More Social

Whether you like it or not, the sales world is in for one of the biggest rides of its life. Kyle calls it the biggest shift in the history of sales and I completely agree with him. There’s something magical happening here folks. If you don’t recognize it, just start looking around you. If you don’t like it, make room or you’re going to become obsolete.

Watch the video below for a demo on how SalesLoft streamlines the process of finding the exact prospects that you’re looking for, and adding their information to a list in one click.

As you can see, SalesLoft can add time back in your day. As you start to research people and prospects on social media, you’ll find that there’s no fast and easy way to organize information than with using SalesLoft. That piece alone makes SalesLoft very powerful.

In addition, the data gathering capabilities are fantastic. You’re able to find accurate information on the fly so you can do what matters to you most, which is to sell!

The Bottom Line

The world of sales needs more innovation tools like SalesLoft. Not only do these tools make our lives easier, they allow sales people to become more productive. Do yourself a favor and try SalesLoft. You’ll be glad you did. Plus, Kyle’s team offers a free and easy way to get started with the product.

We typically don’t endorse products here, but with SalesLoft it’s easy to see that we had to make an exception.

Ready to jump in with social selling? Or, are you still wondering how and where to get started? This is where we can help. Click the schedule button below and we’ll chat.
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