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How Social Selling Changed the Landscape of SAP TechEd 2012

SAP A few weeks ago, we blogged about “1 Beer, LinkedIn, 12 Meetings”, demonstrating the success of using Social Selling to drive prospective meetings. SAP TechEd has come-and-gone, but our client’s success has only begun. Our SAP VAR client came home with 1 extremely hot multi-million dollar opportunity, 14 scheduled meetings booked, and 85 follow-ups, all from our Social Selling – Lead Generation program.

How did our client build so much buzz at SAP TechEd? What did they do differently?

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Marketing Automation For Small & Mid-Sized Companies

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is hot. We all know that. It is one of the highest growth areas in marketing and sales technology today, and from many of the top analysts is expected to continue that way for at least the next 3 years. It is getting added to many company’s budgets as a line item for the first time. But what number should a company place in that box? Obviously, companies want to spend the least amount of money possible while still getting maximum return on their investment.

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Earth to Sales Leaders – Your Sales Reps Want TRAINING

Sales reps are constantly looking to improve themselves, but are waiting for management to bring forth new training. Why are sales leaders not initiating these training sessions? There is a gap in the market right now.

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Guerrilla Marketing – 4-Pillars of Marketing For Under $1,000/month

Guerrilla Marketing

Our client Terry Foster, President of Cision Canada (world’s largest PR & Communications software) taught me about “Paid, Earned and Owned Media”. This is the staple from any PR professional – how can they maximize their Earned Media without having to Pay. The very best PR teams have found innovative means of achieving this very concept.

We at Sales for Life (Canada’s leading Sales Agency) are a services firm with a shoestring marketing budget. We’re constantly pushing the envelope of maximum cost-to-ROI, by using only tools that are cost effective but extremely effective. I know that sounds cliché, but our 4-Pillars of Guerrilla Marketing have been so successful, we teach it to our clients. There is no coincidence that our clients are also in a similar marketing position, as they are growing technology companies stretching each marketing dollar.

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Using a multi-touch InMail strategy is pure GOLD

Sales Managers are frustrated with how quickly their sales reps give up nurturing a prospect. Time-after-time, sales reps get comfortable with making 1 or 2 touch points, and then giving up. Sales Managers would ask “where do we stand with this prospect” and the sales rep would reply “they aren’t interested, dead opportunity”.

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1 Beer, LinkedIn, 12 Sales Meetings Booked, PRICELESS!

LinkedIn Connections

Almost a year ago, a client of ours was preparing to attend SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, TX. They had a great product to offer, and wanted attendees at SXSW to see their stuff. As we were planning their lead generation campaigns, we devised a strategy using the following:

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When Are the Best Times of the Week for LinkedIn InMail Messages?