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Sales Leadership Series: Do Your Front-Line Sales Managers Know Your Business Outcomes?


The vast majority of the front-line sales leaders I met cannot accurately articulate the corporate goal for their company or departments’ fiscal year. Most of the time I will get either blank looks when I ask, or I’ll get a lot of “um… well… it’s complicated. Do you want total sales, new sales—what exactly do you want?” (As they look around the room at their fellow front-line sales leaders to come save them with an answer). What I’m looking for is your corporate or business units’ ultimate outcome required this year.

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6 Digital Practices That Bring Back 5X More Revenue Growth for B2B

It’s not fair. Some B2B companies really do have an unbeatable advantage. New research from McKinsey points to a specific path for digital transformation as the defining factor allowing some B2B leaders to post operating profits 8X greater than their peers on 5X greater revenue growth. In fact, overall, these leaders can post an average profit growth of 13.5 percent while the rest of the industry watches their margins shrink.

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The Best Sales Teams Know When To Stop Selling


Can sales pros hurt revenues by over selling?

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How to Overcome 3 Common Prospecting Conversation Challenges


Prospecting conversations are some of the hardest conversations in the sales process, even for the most experienced sellers. Though difficult, they’re also the critical beginning of what should be an enjoyable customer experience. As you’re coaching your sales team, consider using these methods to overcome three common prospecting conversation challenges.

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Leveraging a Tech Stack to Adopt a Social Selling Model


The modern sales process has moved from analog to digital, and if your company and your sales team aren’t moving in that direction, you’re missing opportunities to sell smarter by leveraging the power of social selling to drive sales outcomes.

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How To Accelerate The Mindset and Skillset Of Your Sales Team with Toolset


With thousands of sales enhancement tools available to layer on top of a CRM, many sales managers see a more robust tech stack as the path to increased sales. However, the result for a lot of companies is a bloated toolset that costs expensive resources – both dollars and people – to maintain.

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5 Ways LinkedIn PointDrive Is A Massive Competitive Advantage for Time Management

Research by TOPO indicates that the reason 83.4% sellers fail to hit quota (their number) is because of their improper time management skills. Why is this? It’s because sellers mistakenly spend a disproportionate amount of time of equalizing touches on all accounts, or spend too much time with accounts that aren’t ready to buy yet. Whether your sellers are targeting 10, 100, or 1000 accounts at a time, time management is a blessing for quota crushing A-players, and the kiss of death for your B & C players.

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8 Social Selling Tactics That Hurt Rather Than Help

I really love the power that social media contains regarding the sales process. It’s such an impactful way to engage your prospects and clients. But there’s something about social selling that I think a lot of people seem to forget these days…

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Benchmark Study: The State of Social Selling in Sales Force Enablement


Over the past year, software for sales force enablement has emerged from the margins to take center stage in the evolution of the sales function. That’s one of the central findings from CSO Insights’ third annual, global Sales Enablement Optimization Study. A solid majority – 59.2 percent of companies surveyed – now report having a dedicated sales enablement platform.

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How To Coach Your New Sales Rep To Build An Account List

coach-sales-rep-new-account-list.jpgWhen you add new sales reps to your team and don’t have an account list ready for them to start calling on, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to do. In fact, they can start building a leads list on their own leveraging your existing customer base and toolset. Here are six steps to help your new hires get started from day one without an accounts list.