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Best of Sales for Life: Social Selling Success Stories (Videos)

Social Selling Success Stories

Does social selling actually work? Here are 8 people who are achieving unbelievable sales results with social selling.

Social selling can be challenging, even for the most seasoned sales professionals. However, with hard work, a desire to learn and some training, any sales person can benefit from the fruits of their social selling efforts. Here are examples of sales professionals who have embraced the idea of social selling.

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10 Resources to Get You Started With Social Selling

Resources to Get You Started With Social Selling

Are you new to Social Selling? If so, here are some great resources to help get you started!

Social Selling has become imperative to the business world. It’s a way of connecting with others (social media), marketing your business (videos) and spreading ideas and knowledge (blogs). If you haven’t jumped on the Social Selling bandwagon yet, you probably should. Your next lead could be just a click away!

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Are Sales People In The Game Business? (Video)

Sales PeopleBuyers perceive sales people as untrustworthy. Fortunately, with the internet and social media, you can create a blank slate for yourself.

If you’re in sales, you need to read this.

What do you sell? Seriously, ask yourself what you sell. Do you work for a company that sells technology, cloud, telecom or financial services? If so, you may think you’re in that business.

But, I’m humbly submitting to you today that you’re not. In the eyes of the buyer, you’re in the GAME BUSINESS. You’re in the business of playing games. Buyers typically think that most sales people are playing games. Even if they’re not saying it to you openly, behind closed doors there are snickers, jeers and general comments about how untrustworthy a sales person is.

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Aggressive Cold Calling Job Posts (Video)

Why do companies emphasize cold calling in job posts? It’s time to modernize and reconsider other sales tools.

In the age of the modern day buyer, the sales industry has yet to modernize! Make no mistake about it; you are a modern buyer yourself. The first place you begin your search for anything these days is…drum roll please…the internet and social media!

So, why do companies still use terms like “aggressive cold calling required” in their sales job postings?

In this day and time, it amazes me to see how brands are still married to cold calling as the only legitimate way a sales person can generate buzz, interest and drum up opportunities.

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#S4LSocial: How Valuable Is Your Network?

Social Selling With TwitterWhat makes a great professional network and how do you develop powerful, lasting connections?

The American religious leader and public speaker William J.H. Boetcker once said that “a man is judged by the company he keeps.”

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Jamie Shanks Presenting at Sales Hacker Series Toronto on July 8, 2014

Jamie Shanks Presenting at Sales Hacker Series TorontoJoin Sales for Life at the 1st Sales Hacker Series event in Toronto on July 8, 2014 at 5:30pm.

We are very pleased to announce that Sales for Life’s very own Jamie Shanks will be presenting at the Sales Hacker Toronto event on July 8, 2014. Our team will also have a booth setup at the event where we will be answering questions about Social Selling and helping individuals optimize their LinkedIn profiles.

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Social Tool Series: oFunnel Finds Needles in the Haystack (Video)

oFunnel is like Google Alerts, but for your LinkedIn network.

In the never-ending quest to find productivity tools for the modern-day sales pro, I had a chance to come across and learn about oFunnel. The company was founded by Kushal Shah and Van Chappell and it has one mission: to make the life of the sales professional a whole lot easier.

It’s not often that we find people trying to make the lives of sales people better. There has been a recent uptick in sales productivity apps and tools, and oFunnel is clearly a part of that movement. There’s no turning back, the world of sales is going to have to make a little bit of seat room for social selling.

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Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words? (Video)

Listen to ProspectsHow many times have we all heard the saying that a picture is worth 1000 words?

It’s meant to reinforce the idea that more than words, pictures can help to strike up the imagination. It makes intuitive sense, right?

If you believe the figure above about people remembering stories more than statistics, then it’s absolutely clear that words by themselves can only do so much. While words help explain your point of view, pictures can help engage people even when they don’t realize it. Pictures tell stories, and stories are remembered best!

Let me explain what I mean, in the video below.

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Best of Sales for Life: Top 10 Videos on Using LinkedIn

Listen to ProspectsHere are some of the top LinkedIn tips for social selling we’ve shared on video.

Over the past year, we’ve shared a number of LinkedIn tips through our weekly Social Selling in 60 Seconds, from how to organize your profile, to getting your LinkedIn content viewed and more.

Since using LinkedIn is such an integral part of social selling, we’ve gone through our videos again to curate 10 of the top LinkedIn tips we’ve shared in the past via video blog posts.

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How to Track Your Social Selling in (Video)

Track Your Social Selling in Salesforce.comAs a sales manager, it’s imperative you understand the ROI of different sales activities.

Do you know how which type of sales activities generate the most leads for you that result in the most closed sales?

Being able to attribute your sales results to the activities that generated it means that you can better allocate resources to the effective activities and less resources to the under-performing activities. In this video, I will teach you how to track your social selling activities, particularly your LinkedIn activities, in