Best of Sales for Life: Social Selling Success Stories (Videos)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Selling Success Stories

Does social selling actually work? Here are 8 people who are achieving unbelievable sales results with social selling.

Social selling can be challenging, even for the most seasoned sales professionals. However, with hard work, a desire to learn and some training, any sales person can benefit from the fruits of their social selling efforts. Here are examples of sales professionals who have embraced the idea of social selling.

1. Keith Weightman, Account Executive at Bullhorn
Keith combines social selling with traditional selling to get 150% of his sales target.

2. Wendy Chung of Culturelicious
Social selling isn’t just for B2B sales professionals selling technology solutions. Find out how this culinary events company uses social selling to land a huge corporate account.

3. Chris Poole of Spot Check Services
Chris describes using creative searching to find opportunities where none existed before. Not only is he having conversations online, he’s converting these into real sales opportunities for his pipeline.

4. Keith Gill of Copper State Communications
Social selling is in Keith’s DNA and he’s an SEO machine.

5. John Livett of Signifyd
In 3 weeks John was able to land 15 appointments and was able to convert one of them into a $150K-$200K opportunity. That’s a huge number for any sales pro, but just think about what that means for a start-up!

6. Ben LaFlamme from Montreal, Canada
Like most of us, Ben got into sales with a complete commitment to cold calling. He was smiling and dialing like all of us. One day he started to face a huge problem; he noticed that prospects were picking up the phones less.

7. Jessica Voss of inContact
Here is a seasoned sales professional using social media to her full advantage. Meet Jessica Voss of inContact: the Cloud Contact Center Enterprise Solutions Guru.

8. Marcus Garcia of inContact
Marcus describes how he still uses all forms of prospecting in his daily routine but has brought social selling into the mix. Pay particular attention to what he says about content; it’ll change your perspective on what you should be doing.

Do you have your own social selling success story that’d you’d like to share? Contact me using the button below.

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