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Are You a Suck Up? (Video)

Fast Social Selling

Do you add value to buyers by challenging them to think differently, or do you just agree with everything they say?

Blog post ideas come from everywhere, including amazing and insightful conversations with people you’ve never talked to. I recently had a great conversation with Justin Michael, a Director of Sales at Crowdsource, and we were talking about how we both love the book The Challenger Sale (a must-read for sales and marketing professionals in my opinion).

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How LinkedIn Helps Combat CEB’s Truth About Increased Sales Cycle Timelines

Increased Sales Cycle Timelines

Sales cycle timelines have increased. Here’s how you can use LinkedIn and social selling to stay in touch during the buying process.

I’m sitting in the Pittsburgh airport, reading the CEB article on increased sales cycle lengths on my App. I’m literally participating in the reasons CEB wrote the article, and is DEAD RIGHT.

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Your Client Is Not Online? Good! Here Are 7 Tips To Go Social Selling!


What happens if your potential client is not online very much? Is it still possible to use social selling? The answer is, yes!

A frequent question I get is “I feel like my clients are online, what can I do?” Answer: LOTS!

You see, while your client isn’t on LinkedIn or Twitter with consistency, these are communication vehicles. That’s no excuse NOT to be leveraging Social to help you OFFLINE!

Question: “Can you give me tactical examples of ways to help work with my clients, who are NOT online.” Answer: Let me count the ways…

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#S4LSocial: Are You Under the Influence?

Social Selling With Twitter

In social media circles, influence is both a powerful and somewhat alarming quality. Would you rather be loved or feared? Would you rather be a leader or a follower?

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SHUT UP and Listen to Your Prospects

Listen to Prospects

As sales professionals, one of the hardest skills for us to learn is LISTENING.

Our managers and mentors teach us hundreds of things: how to cold call, how to elevator pitch, how to prospect, how to qualify, how to close and so on. Rarely, though, are we ever taught how to actually listen to prospects.

Shutting up and listening to my prospects was the single most important lesson I’ve learned in sales, and I thank sales trainer, Jeff Hoffman, for imparting this wisdom on me. Jeff taught me to not take on other peoples’ insecurities and to revel in uncomfortable silences.

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Influencer Marketing & Klout: Propel Your LinkedIn Publishing

Keith Gill

If you need proof that we “crowdsource” our content from clients, their sales professionals and our channel partners, this is an amazing example!

Most of the words from this blog are from Keith Gill, the social selling rock star from our client, Copper State Communications.

Here are a few of the crazy things that Keith figured out in under 90 days:

1. Google can be your best friend for SEO (LinkedIn helps propel that SEO)
2. Klout can be spiked, helping with your SEO
3. “Influencer marketing” is like having a jet pack on your back!

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Social Selling Success Story: Keith Weightman Is An All-Star

Social Selling Success Story

Keith Weightman, an account executive at Bullhorn, combines social selling with traditional selling to get 150% of his sales target.

I want you to check out the video below. I recently sat down with Keith Weightman who is an Account Executive at Bullhorn. If you don’t know Bullhorn, believe me when I say that your recruiter certainly does. They’re the market leader in recruiting software solutions.

Our friend Keith doesn’t call himself an Account Executive. Why should he? He is so value-driven and motivated that clients turn to him to help them accelerate their growth. The way he’s able to deliver this is by adding social selling into his daily routine.

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Best of Sales for Life: Top 10 Blog Posts on Curating and Creating Content

Blog Posts on Curating and Creating Content

Providing relevant and helpful information to potential customers is an integral part of social selling.

Buyers are increasingly searching online and on social media for solutions to their business challenges. Providing provide buyers with relevant content will establish brand awareness, build trust and increase the likelihood they’ll purchase from you.

Finding the right content to share is a tough feat. To help you get started, we’ve collected some of the most helpful and popular blog posts we’ve created on this topic.

The blog posts below will help you use the right tools to find relevant content, get the most reach out of your shared content, and when you should create your own content.

Here are 10 of our top blog posts about curating and creating content for social selling.

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Best of Sales for Life: 7 Most Popular LinkedIn Tips

 LinkedIn Tips from Sales for Life

Need help getting started with using LinkedIn for Social Selling?

At Sales for Life, we consider LinkedIn to be an essential tool for Social Selling.

We’ve trained tens of thousands of sales professionals on LinkedIn, and the sales results we’ve seen them achieve are astounding. If you’re new to social selling with LinkedIn or if you’re just starting adopting LinkedIn in your sales routine, here some of our most useful LinkedIn blog posts to help you on your social selling journey.

7 Most Popular LinkedIn Tips

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The By-Product of Sharing Content is Unforeseen Opportunities (Video)

Unforeseen Opportunities

Your website content is like an army of soldiers going around the globe, educating people and letting them find your company.

As we went through our sales opportunities for 2014, I realized that many of the opportunities were unforeseen. They were created this year and were not in our CRM the year before. All these opportunities came to us because were creating and sharing content.

They highest conversion rate come from content engagement then travelled through our conversation funnel, for example, from reading our blog then downloading eBooks.