Aggressive Cold Calling Job Posts (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Why do companies emphasize cold calling in job posts? It’s time to modernize and reconsider other sales tools.

In the age of the modern day buyer, the sales industry has yet to modernize! Make no mistake about it; you are a modern buyer yourself. The first place you begin your search for anything these days is…drum roll please…the internet and social media!

So, why do companies still use terms like “aggressive cold calling required” in their sales job postings?

In this day and time, it amazes me to see how brands are still married to cold calling as the only legitimate way a sales person can generate buzz, interest and drum up opportunities.

Job Posts Are Sales Presentations

If you believe that your job posts are sales presentations, then using terms like “aggressive cold calling” to generate interest really won’t serve you well. Why? Well, let’s look at your target market.

Your target market for sales jobs these days are entry-level, junior or experienced sales professionals. What do you think these people are thinking when they’re reading your job posts? Do you think that cold calling excites them? Will it energize these candidates into taking that next step and contacting you?

Especially if you’re targeting the entry-level and junior positions, these young sales reps today find cold calling to be a turn-off. I know, I know, they’re still required to do it, but is cold calling the only way they can sell? I’ve heard of companies FIRING sales reps that met their quotas but didn’t do it exactly how it was taught to them. That’s code for they didn’t use the phone and used social media instead.
Social Selling Expert

It’s Time to Reconsider How You Sell

If you’re serious about getting the word out about your brand and highlighting its many advantages, then I humbly ask you to reconsider how you sell. The world has changed. The modern day buyer needs modern day tools. This doesn’t mean that the phone can’t be used. It just means that we need to supplement calling with methods of finding and discovering new people and opportunities.

Otherwise, I fear that sales employees will use your company as a parking lot. They’ll come, hang out, meet some people, and generally be apathetic to what you’re trying to achieve. When the goals of the organization are not truly inspiring to an employee, they can feel completely disconnected.

Daniel Pink’s book “Drive” beautifully describes how money isn’t the only thing that motivates people anymore. Sales people need to feel connected – what better way to start to feel “connected” than on social media?

The Bottom Line

Job postings are sales presentations for your company. Let’s realize that we have a narrow window of opportunity to engage and excite potential new hires to give your company and brand a try.

Social selling can help bridge this gap as a supplementary method of generating opportunities for your organization. If applied correctly, it can make an impact and help bring bright and energetic minds through your front door.

If you need help on getting started with social selling, or would like to share comical job posts you’ve seen, feel free to click on the button below to contact me.

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult. It’s just different.

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