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5 Sales Tasks You Should Already Be Automating

Sales teams can save themselves a lot of time by automating common tasks they do each day. Fortunately, there is now plenty of software that makes sales task automation easy, from the basic monitoring of inventory to taking care of crucial marketing needs like managing your social media networks. Here are five sales tasks that every sales team should already be automating.

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Attention Managers: 7 Skills And Traits Of Modern Sales Teams

Most businesses have realized that in order to continue on successfully, they have to employ modern sales tactics that have been adapted to the current business environment. Sales teams need to hone new skills in order to give customers and clients exactly what they want and boost your chances of success. Here are some skills and traits that modern sales teams should start brushing up on.

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LinkedIn Success: The Anatomy Of An Engaging Status Update

How healthy is your lead generation strategy on LinkedIn? A strong, robust series of status updates will inspire confidence in you and engage your prospects’ curiosity about your solutions. On the other hand, an ill-conceived and sporadic status update plan with poor presentation will drive away prospects. Before you post a LinkedIn status update with a link, image or video, perform this quick health check on your presentation.

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Social Selling Hacks: Content Sharing Tactics You Should Be Using Today

The word “hack” gets thrown around a lot these days. Funny enough, I was actually asked by my mother recently about it’s meaning. She said “isn’t hack a bad thing?” And of course, in the traditional sense of the word she would have been right.

Today, however, the word “hack” has taken on an entirely different connotation than its original use in the 1990s. Back in the early days of the Internet “hack” was used to describe the work of an Internet hacker gaining unauthorized access to something (financial files, government docs, etc.) I’m sure some of you may have seen that awesome Angelina Jolie movie Hackers back in day where she somehow pulls off looking drop dead gorgeous with an incredibly short haircut.

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The Largest Online Social Selling Event On The Planet Kicks Off Next Week

The top experts on the topic of Social Selling will share their secrets in a very insightful series of online presentations at The Social Selling Summit, January 29, 2015 ( The event will also welcome more than 3,000 attendees looking for Social Selling practical advice, strategic insights, and inspiration. Click here to register!

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How To Run Effective Meetings Between Sales And Marketing [With Sample Agenda]

 Forrester Research

According to a study by Forrester Research, only eight percent of B2B companies believe they have a strong alignment between sales and marketing. This is a significant problem because without effective communication and understanding between the sales and marketing team, the whole buyer journey is affected. From lead generation, to nurturing and closing deals, the entire funnel becomes a game of missed opportunities.

As Marcus Sheridan states on The Sales Lion, “the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or at least someone in the marketing department should always be in attendance, with the main purpose to continue to instill the vision of the company’s digital and content marketing (including overall messaging) to the sales department.”

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How to Write LinkedIn Publishing Posts That Supercharge Your Pipeline

Sales and marketing teams are well aware of the power of LinkedIn for engaging customers and building lasting relationships, but not many businesses are using the network to its full capacity. LinkedIn has its own publishing tool that allows users to create engaging posts that attract likes, comments and shares and can ultimately create sales opportunities.

Here’s what I mean:

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Social Selling in 2015: A Look Into The Next 12 Months [Infographic]

Social selling has proven to be both popular and effective. According to a 2014 study by DemandGen, 72% of B2B buyers used social media to research their purchase decision in 2014. High performing companies like Oracle, IBM, SAS and ADP among others are already reaping the financial and brand benefits of empowering their sales teams with training in social selling and access to the best tools available.

So what does 2015 hold for this quickly evolving space? From consumer trends to effective social platforms and content types, 2015 will be a big year for social selling. Take a look below!

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The Catch-Up: WORST Position for Sales [Video]

Remember when you were in school and instead of studying for the big test, you went out with the friends? Days usually slipped away because you thought you had it all under control. The night before the big test you cracked open the text book to discover how unprepared you really were.

And then, panic set in.

Welcome to the real world now. School is done. Now if you don’t prepare, you won’t fail a test on paper. You’ll lose commissions. You may even put your job in jeopardy, or worst.

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.