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The Power of the Digital Postcard

The Digital Postcard – a rarely used sales tool of differentiation. The challenge we were seeing with our own sales process was post demo. After a great presentation, we would send a follow-up email with attachments & links – not demonstrating any innovation.

We are starting to use StoryQuest’s digital postcards with great feedback thus far. It’s different, provides amazing calls-to-action, and you can track it’s engagement.

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Without Social Selling, You Don’t Have “Social BreadCrumbs”?

Social Selling

Here is the #1 Challenge you’re most likely having with your current sales process. You have to dig, dig and dig to have your prospects return your calls. After you call all day, you wish you had a simple trail of breadcrumbs, which prospects followed all the way to a sale. You also wish these breadcrumbs could leave behind a path, to mark for other prospects to follow the same direction.

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Why is Your Lead Generation Model BROKEN?

Lead Generation

You may immediately feel defensive when you think about your lead generation process. You’re probably saying to yourself “we have tons of leads, what are you talking about?”

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Your Knowledge & Insight = Sales Horsepower

Sales Horsepower

I have to thank Kevin Gaither for my discovery of AudioBooks this week. Last year at AA-ISP Leadership Summit, Kevin and I were talking about the difficulty of running our AA-ISP chapter meetings in the #1 & #2 most traffic congested/longest commute cities in North America (Kevin in L.A. and myself in Toronto). Kevin was talking about this new book “The Challenger Sale” and how it’s completely opened his eyes to viewing his sales team differently. I joked that I have an extensive sales book library – all half read.

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Sales Leads Are All Around! Are You Listening?

Sales Leads

If you’re a VP of Sales, I want you to walk into Marketing’s office and ask them one simple question “With what & how are you monitoring opportunities for us?” I’ll bet you, you’ll hear this:

“We are using Google Alerts !” or if you’re more advanced, “We have Radian6 or Sysomos!

Now ask Marketing “what are you monitoring?” HERE IS THE PAINFUL PART…

“We’re monitoring our corporate name, a few competitors’ names & some keywords, all on , Facebook & Twitter .”

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STOP Looking at LinkedIn InMail as an End Result For ROI


Synergy – defined as “the Whole is greater than the Sum is its parts”.

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Top 10 Tips From AA-ISP Social in Phoenix


AA-ISP couldn’t have chosen a better location – hot and sunny Phoenix. When you fly from Toronto, all you hope for is an outdoor venue. No such luck.

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There is no Such Thing as LinkedIn InMail Saturation

LinkedIn InMailSo many times when we’ll train a company, someone on their sales team will ask the question “don’t you think decision-makers will get bombarded with InMails and stop listening?” That same sales rep will usually ask “when do you think LinkedIn will become over-saturated?” Most of the time, I’ve responded by demonstrating the Adoption Curve and argued we are multiple years from the Laggards to join. Today, I’ve taken a moment to think about it, and have changed my point-of-view.

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My Pet Peeve – Sales Reps With No Email Signature

Sales RepsWe have all been in this particular situation, and I know it’s driven you bananas too. You are late for a meeting, and you need to get a hold of a specific person quickly to mention you’d be running late. You look on your phone for past emails to find your contacts information and after an anxious 30 seconds of searching you notice the bottom of the email has NOTHING! The contacts email signature just says “Brian”. Doesn’t that make you want to scream?

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How Comfortable Are You With Your Sales Pipeline on February 1st?

How comfortable are you with your sales pipeline? Are you starting every month from scratch – clawing your way to making quota? Or have you developed a Social Selling process that leaves a digital footprint all over the internet for prospects to find you?

Your choice? We LOVE inbound leads!