10 Resources to Get You Started With Social Selling

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Resources to Get You Started With Social Selling

Are you new to Social Selling? If so, here are some great resources to help get you started!

Social Selling has become imperative to the business world. It’s a way of connecting with others (social media), marketing your business (videos) and spreading ideas and knowledge (blogs). If you haven’t jumped on the Social Selling bandwagon yet, you probably should. Your next lead could be just a click away!

1. Why Twitter Lists Should Be Your #1 Resource for Social Selling

2. The Tools Your Sales Team Needs to Succeed in Social Selling

3. Start Closing More Deals, Faster

4. Social Selling: 1 Big Idea To Be 38x More Effective

5. How to Track Your Social Selling in (Video)

6. #S4LSocial: Social Selling with Twitter

7. 5 Commitments Sales Leaders Can Make to Social Selling in 2014

8. 9 Steps to Get Your ‘Social-Selling’ Program Off the Ground

9. 3 Ways to Build an Awesome Social Selling Machine

To learn more about how your sales team can use social selling to help buyers during the decision making process, contact me using the button below.

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling