The Social Influencer Series: Nick Foster Discusses the Future of Sales & Marketing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

The Social Influencer Series

Nick Foster, the former CMO of Softchoice, shares his insights about the future of sales and marketing, and how social selling fits in.

Welcome to The Social Influencer Series, a new video series we’re starting at Sales for Life, dedicated to learning more about how social media is impacting the world of sales & marketing. When we have the opportunity to learn from business visionaries and thought leaders, we jump at the chance.

Nick Foster is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Softchoice, one of North America’s biggest technology powerhouses. I had the opportunity to ask him about his insights on what the future of sales & marketing could hold. For the sales professionals watching this, there is a lot you’ll learn from Nick’s perspectives.

It’s obvious that he is on the bleeding edge of the sales and marketing revolution. He realizes that social is here to stay and that it’s only a matter of time before sales professionals become aware of this new reality.

The Bottom Line

Social selling will be essential to the modern-day sales professional, Nick assures us. This is a wonderful opportunity for sales to embrace the new reality of the modern-day buyer. Since buyers are heading online to research products and services, it’s our job to follow them and add value to the buying cycle.

If you’re not using social as a part of your sales routine today, you may want to consider starting now. Remember, social selling isn’t difficult; it’s just different.

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