Digital Sales Transformation Will Change The Perception Of Business

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Digital Sales Transformation

Business isn’t bad. Why do so many people think it is?

Coming from an upbringing of academics mixed with business, there was always a tug of war. But positive mindsets triumphed.  Individuals that are constantly learning are changing business, the world. As the speed of change accelerates, impact grows from transforming together, but there are still too many silos.  Business innovation will elevate humanity – if we let it, and work together.

Over the past few years I’ve been privileged to be a part of a company called Sales for Life. We’re focused on tackling how backward corporate business can be in their leader’s perception of helping people do better and what it takes to transform.  We focus on helping sales, marketing, and enablement teams transform their approach from analog to digital, while better serving their customers being at the core. 

Digital Is Driving Change

No one has all the answers. Digital is changing everything. I think for the good of us all.  But it’s not easy – society, business, individuals are under new strains and the connection economy is bubbling up nasty stuff too. I believe many people think business is bad because self-serving corporate agendas have led for too long, without aligning to genuinely helping others in the way they want to be treated – with humility and respect, with their best interests at heart.

Talking about change every day with our customers is challenging.  It’s also really rewarding because you are constantly facing barriers but experiencing impact first hand when people and companies focus on creating digital sales transformation collaboratively with a positive mindset.  My perspective continues to grow and patterns are emerging on what it takes to drive real change in a revenue organization.

Reflecting on change

Why does my mom, sister, and their professional network think childhood education needs to be modernized? Because obviously, it does to enable the mindset and skills required to grow a career in the digital economy.  Think back to your education, how relevant was it to your career now?

My mom and sister are lifelong learners that have led and transformed education organizations, systems and curriculum.  I’m grateful to call them my family and my dad was also a teacher, an amazing person. They share insights on how learning is progress and knowledge transforms.

“Open minds with a focus on collaboration win, and you can see this early on in how children learn, act, and grow.”

I get it. Money pays the bills for business and family survival.

We are all smarter and dumber than we give ourselves credit for.  Look at the opportunity, it’s everywhere. When was the last time you really thought about your purpose?  Yes, your real purpose.  What unique traits are part of you that are valuable, why aren’t you using them to create positive change?

I’m on a flight right now where this toddler is kicking my seat and crying a lot. However, as a Dad I’m ok with it because my perspective has changed and as a parent we’ve all been there.  It makes me think of our son and how awesome it is to be a part of his life.   

It’s tough and we intrinsically know nothing game changing is easy. Drop the excuses and let’s raise our game by growing together. Just like how kids learn, adapt, and change, they make it look so easy.

It’s too easy to get negative, I choose not to. Unfortunately, most people default to negativity, as it’s easier to complain than to create solutions, and this relates to the unwillingness to change in business and to ride out status quo. Choose to be positive. Choose to lead. Choose to change.

What does it take to effectively transform sales and marketing?

It’s about the opportunity for all of us to collaborate more deeply to help ensure digital sales and marketing sales transformation is shaped by positive mindsets, high integrity, and goals that enable better outcomes in business and for humanity.

We recently analyzed customers that are they creating revenue team transformation with the greatest success and patterns emerged:

  • Better helping their customers was placed at the center
  • Aligning a digital mindset to strategic planning at executive levels was a priority
  • Accountability was driven from sales leadership to sales professionals to shift behavior
  • Digital sales strategy was woven into existing sales methodology, process, measurement, and tools
  • Cross functional collaboration with sales, marketing, and enablement was at the core
  • Continuous learning culture was enabled and measured
  • Leadership was resilient in driving change and focusing on the future state

There’s no shortage of resources to transform, there’s a shortage in sharing and creating value together. 

What are you working on that really matters in changing your business?  What do you think it takes to cause positive change?

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