How Video Changed Our Sales Recruitment Process!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales Recruitment ProcessAs I’ve mentioned in other blogs, we love using SAVO Inspire. It has made us tons of money, and saved us tons of time. From the recruiting aspect, this is a monster time saver and changed our sales recruitment process.

At Sales for Life, we are growing our sales footprint around the world. There are also many great sales professionals that apply to our job board. However, not every candidate is a great fit for Sales for Life. This is where video comes in.

We love to send a video using SAVO Inspire to each applying candidate.

This video has helped our our sales recruitment process on two fronts:
1. Paints the picture that we’re social and progressive
2. Ensures that if they watch the video, they know what they’re getting into

There is nothing worse for a hiring manager than getting into an interview, only to find out 20 minutes in that the candidate is not on the same page with you on your business objectives.

I would highly recommend you look to integrate video into your recruitment process!

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