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LinkedIn – Resume or Sales Tool?

Having been in Recruiting for the past 8 years, I must say that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful “Social Recruiting” tools in the market. At the very least, a hiring manager will use LinkedIn to validate a candidate’s social profile to help them formulate an opinion of a potential hire. If that’s the case, think about your profile for a minute and what it says about you? If your profile is like most business development reps (check out – Why Sales Reps Suck at Business Development) your profile may or may not even have your picture (by the way this is a must), a list of the jobs you held in the past, the schools you attended or an outline of your performance in each of your sales roles like a mini-resume. If this sums up your profile, please read on!

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Guess Why You Struggle to Find Top Sales Talent – Contingent Recruiting is DYING!

If you haven’t noticed it already, 2012 was a difficult year to find fantastic sales talent. There are two reasons for this recruitment challenge:

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Sales People Don’t Grow on Trees; You Still Need to Train Them!

Sales People

Having worked in the sales recruiting industry for the past 8 years, and having personally interviewed 1,000’s of sales people, the one thing that I know for sure – good sales people don’t grow on trees. This is especially a challenge for hiring managers in the tech sector.There has been a recent trend over the past 5 years of tech companies investing more heavily into entry level inside sales people versus the tenured outside rainmaker sales reps. In fact, our most common sales recruiting request seems to be for junior inside sales reps with only 1-3 years sales experience, and a salary expectation of no more than 30-45K in base salary. What kind of sales person do you think you can find with 1 year of experience? You guessed it, an inexperienced one!

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Cut the BS Out of Your Interviews


Having interviewed thousands of sales people it still surprises me on how many sales people think they can wing-it in an interview. It’s time to cut the BS out of your interviews and prepare to win. In the following blog, I will be sharing three simple strategies that will help put you at the top of the sales podium.

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How to Avoid the “Crazy” During the Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

Our client has recently experienced “you can’t account for crazy when you hire”. As hiring managers, we have all experienced this.

  • Resume looks good
  • Interview was professional
  • References are clean
  • Punctual & engaged first week
  • The personal issues begin to unravel and turn into an HR nightmare within 90-180 days
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Hiring Challenge: You’re Gen X, They’re Gen Y

Hiring Challenges Recently, we held quarterly sales team building activities with a client’s entire sales staff (over 20 reps) – new business development, client development & client services. The discussions were less focused on quantitative metrics, more on career growth and aspirations. We really wanted to see what made our sales teams tick!