5 Big Mistakes That Social Sellers Make On Twitter

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Sales for Life Admin

Sharing content and engaging with potential clients on Twitter (the world’s second largest social network) has become a must for sales professionals. But many sales reps aren’t using Twitter correctly, which means lost conversations and opportunities. If you truly want to grow your client base and maximize your success, avoid these common Twitter mistakes that will negatively affect your both your network—and your bottom line.

Mistake #1: You Have an Incomplete Profile

Photos that are missing a photo or description are a turn-off for potential buyers. Not only does it look unprofessional, but Twitter profiles without photos are often mistaken for Spam. Not only that, but many people also use Twitter applications that filter out profiles that don’t have a photo. You also need to keep your profile up-to-date. According to Brian Bachofner of Social Selling University, “Nothing looks sadder than profiles that are unattended to and haven’t been updated in years.” Buyers want to know who you are, and won’t trust you without a complete profile. So if your profile is incomplete, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.


Make your profile attractive to potential clients by having a professional photo, an up-to-date and relevant correct URL, short bio, and location information. Spending a little time now to create a professional profile will create long-term benefits for you and your business.

Mistakes on Twitter

Mistake #2: Selling and Not Listening

Social Selling is about relationship building. But all-too-often, sales reps are so focused on selling that they ignore their buyers’ needs. While you want to sell your products and services, don’t forget that a social focus on relationship building will lead to long-term, loyal clients. As Ilana Bercovitz at ReTargeter points out, Twitter is about two-way communication—so it’s important to be a part of the conversation and tweet about your business in moderation.


Listen to your customers. Spend some time on Twitter and learn about the challenges your potential buyers are facing. What are they tweeting about? What are their pain points that you can solve? Learning about your customers and listening to their needs will go a long way to ensuring your success on Twitter.

Mistake #3: Not Tweeting Valuable Content

Social Selling is about the buyers’ journey. During the conceptual solutions stage of the process, buyers will be looking online for solutions long before they contact you. This is where great, original content comes in. Buyers are looking for your content to provide solutions to their problems. So it’s critical to post valuable content at least three times a day. This frequency is not set in stone but consistently sharing valuable content will create trust and turn you into a resource that buyers will continue to use throughout their experience.


Find and create relevant content that will spark a conversation and encourage potential clients to engage with you. Also engage in conversations with potential leads about the content they’ve tweeted. Suggested tools: Feedly, Pocket or Buffer

Mistake #4: Failing To Respond

Before they contact you, buyers will be researching vendors on Twitter—they’ll be looking at your company as well as your competitors. Throughout the buyers’ journey, they’ll be tweeting questions that you have the answers to. But your days get busy, and these all-important questions have the potential to get lost in the shuffle. But failing to respond may cost you opportunities.


Don’t ignore your customers. Be sure to monitor your Twitter feed throughout the day, and stay on top of key contact accounts and keywords. Setting up Twitter lists for key contacts, and monitor keywords which will make the process easier so you won’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Remember to engage in conversations on Twitter and connect with your prospects by asking follow-up questions.

Mistake #5: Misuse of Hashtags and @Mentions

As a sales rep, Twitter may be outside of your comfort zone, but it’s critical to use hashtags correctly. Many people use too many hashtags, which is distracting to your potential customers. Many people also neglect to acknowledge people using @mentions. According to Ezra Chasser, mentioning someone on Twitter increases your profile and chances of getting noticed.


Make sure your hashtags are relevant and speak to your customers. If you’re looking for industry relevant hashtags to use, check out this guide. Also be sure to use @mentions for thought leaders to increase your visibility.

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