8 Easy-To-Use Multimedia Tools To Create Mouthwatering Sales Materials

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Do you have an in-house Marketing Guru that creates all of your sales & marketing collateral for you? If so than you are one of the lucky few. For most of us, however, creating sales & marketing collateral for different parts of the sales process is simply one of the many hats we have to where. And as I’m sure you’re all well aware, creating slide decks, one pagers, intro video and other forms of multimedia that WOW our audience is often easier said than done.

Well, luckily for us modern day sales professionals, there are an ample number of tools available today on the market that can help us create impressive multimedia collateral just like a pro. Below is a detailed list of multimedia editing tools that will help you do just that. These are simple multimedia tools that can be used to design slide decks, one-pagers, blog images and promo videos. They’ll help you produce informative slide shares and videos, and assemble the kind of images that get shares and likes.

You only have a few moments to grab someone’s attention in the digital world. Your prospects will watch a video on their phones or favorite an image before they’ll read a block of text. A variety of inexpensive multimedia tools can help you produce appealing graphics and images for sales materials and presentations without any previous experience. Let’s take a quick look at the visual editing tools that will turn your visuals from blah to professional in a matter of seconds.


Price range: (FREE → $)

Billed as the world’s easiest design program, Canva can handle all kinds of designs, from book jackets to album covers, but you’ll use it for infographics, presentations and social media graphics. Launch it from your desktop or iPad, and view thousands of backgrounds, images, text options and icons. Canva offers more than 1 million professional images and stock photos for $1 each.


Price range (FREE → $)
Pixlr offers four options: Pixlr O-matic, Pixlr Express, Pixlr Editor, and Pixlr. O-matic is a Instagram clone used to apply simple filters to pictures. Express is the most useful for beginners who want to quickly assemble images or make gifs. Editor is a full Photoshop-level graphics program for highly detailed compositions, while Pixlr is a simple design tool, halfway between Express and Editor, that can run online or offline. The first two are fun and super easy, and are available in web or mobile versions. To use the editor and main tool on the desktop, you’ll need to understand basic graphics concepts, such as layers, which are explained in the free tutorials. Buying a subscription earns you add-ons, such as special masks that enhance regions in your images.


Price range (FREE –> $$)
Wideo lets you build those animated videos and explainers that are hugely popular now and can cost thousands of dollars if you outsource their production. Make your own for free or with a low monthly subscription fee. The free options are watermarked videos that reside on the Wideo servers and are up to 45 seconds long. A range of subscription options allows you to choose unlimited length, remove the watermark and download full HD.


Price range (FREE → $$)

An infographic from Piktochart can get your point across dramatically in a way that words just can’t. Convert a portion of your blog into an infographic if you want to boost shares, likes, retweets and favorites. Infographics offer the perfect pathway to spark conversations around issues that your prospects follow. The free account gives you templates, simple graphics and point and click tools that allow you to whip up an infographic quickly. A subscription is required for higher-resolution images without watermarks.


Price range (FREE → $)

Podcasts, audible blogs and interviews are the top choice of busy executives. Twistedwave gives you their undivided attention by providing an audio editor that you can manage from your phone or online. You can even record and edit music for video backgrounds. Twistedware allows you to email audio, send a link to online hosted MP3 or embed sound bites into your blog.

Camtasia Studio

Price range ($$$)

When you create a tutorial that demonstrates your software or walks users through a new feature, Camtasia Studio records everything that happens on-screen or on your webcam. You can edit, add notes, apply special effects, import other media and share the video across multiple social networks. Display several screens at once or include clickable links in the demo that can be hosted on your website. Camtasia Studio also automatically detects iOS or Android operating systems when it sends Flash or HTML5 to the viewer’s phone.


Price range (FREE → $$$)

Preparing a killer presentation used to require a fast laptop and hours of struggling with the software, but Prezi made those issues obsolete. You can present from anywhere, even on your phone or tablet, with Prezi’s reusable library of professional presentations. Presentations can be modified and distributed through the cloud. Your presentation auto-syncs across devices, enabling you to dive in deeper with the latest version on another platform. Presentations made with the free version are publicly visible and stored on Prezi servers. Subscriptions buy more privacy, control, offline software, customized branding and support.


Price range (FREE)

Sometimes all you need is a screenshot. Awesomescreenshot is a long name for a very focused, but extremely useful tool. It’s a free extension for Google Chrome that takes a picture of your entire screen or just a portion of it, then lets you make notes and blur out information that shouldn’t be shared. The screenshots help illustrate your point on blogs and are useful when analyzing online data or sharing information inside proprietary software. It’s also great for capturing bugs and building quick tutorials.

Do you have any other cool multimedia editing tools that you think should appear here? Feel free to leave your comments below OR click here to book a quick 15 minute call with me. I’ll be happy to check them out. Cheers

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