Supercharge Your Browser: 7 Extensions For Social Sellers

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Web browsers are the unsung heroes of the digital age. Since the days when AOL and Netscape Navigator ruled the Internet, web browsers have been providing us with the windows by which we see the digital world through. And over the last two decades the window frame has changed A LOT…

Browsers have evolved from a one-size-fits-all type framework into an incredible array of customizable options. Colors, fonts, themes, buttons, short cuts, add-ons, extensions… Just a small sample size of the many things you can change our your browser to make it look, feel and operate just the way you want it. Plus there are lots of different browsers to choose from. My personal favorite is Google Chrome which, by the way, is the most popular one…

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One of the most beneficial advancements in the browser evolution has been the development of the browser extension. Extensions allow you to add new functionality to your web experience and there are extensions for literally everything you can think of. Below is a list of my favorite browser extensions that I use on a daily basis to help navigate the digital world and drum up new business in an efficient fashion. Without further ado, here is my list of The Top 7 Browser Extensions for Social Selling:

Adblock Plus

Price Range: FREE
Adblock Plus is by far one of my favorite browser extensions and I honestly don’t know how people still surf the Internet without it. Although it does not relate directly to business development, Adblock Plus warrants mention here because it is the epitome of the set-and-forget browsing tool that will help make your day more productive.

Once installed, Ablock Plus sits in the background and blocks out 99% of the annoying adds you see EVERYWHERE on the Internet; pop-ups and on screen ads included. And, if an ad should ever make it through the filter, a simple right-click on the ad will allow you to block it out for good. Whether you’re streaming a video blog or sifting through LinkedIn for a prospect, Adblock Plus will revolutionize your browsing experience.


Price Range: $$
eLink is an amazing tool for passively gaining visibility with prospects on LinkedIn. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Optimize your LinkedIn profile
Step 2) Join eLink and purchase a subscription (start and stop whenever you want!)
Step 3) Create an advanced search in LinkedIn of your target market
Step 4) Press “Start” on eLink.

Result: eLink will visit every profile (over 20,000+ sales prospects per month) within the LinkedIn advanced search results for you one by one automatically. A significant portion of these people you view will then see that you’ve visited their profile and visit your profile in return.

Benefit: This is an incredible and none invasive way to gain visibility with people that are in your target market by driving their traffic to your LinkedIn profile for more info. If you’re looking to increase your inbound business opportunities than I definitely recommend checking out this awesome tool.

Please note: Much like Gmail in its early days, acquiring an eLink subscription requires an invitation from a current customer. Feel free to put my email address in the “Invited By” box to gain access: [email protected]


Price Range: FREE – $
Pixlr is a tool that allows you to crop and edit images from the Internet on the fly. If you have a slide presentation you are compiling for a client pitch and you need to edit digital images from a webpage quickly, Pixlr is your best friend. It allows you to crop anything you’d like within your browser page and then automatically transfer the image file to their powerful online picture-editing tool that comes complete with a wide range of cool features. Although the intricacies of Pixlr’s picture editing can be a little tough to master at first, once you learn the basics there is an amazing amount of editing options available to you.


Price Range: $
If you are in the B2B sales world than you are likely no stranger to data entry. Tracking our daily activity in a CRM system is just one of the necessary evils of the game. And there is no beating around the bush… data entry blows. Well it just so happens that this is actually the motto of Ecquire.

This amazing browser extension has become a lifesaver while prospecting on LinkedIn by streamlining the data entry process. When you arrive on a contact’s LinkedIn profile, all you have to do is click the Ecquire button and it scrapes all of the important info off their profile and prepares it for entry into your CRM. After a quick review of the data, one more click and you’re off to the races. The data is stored and you’re free to move onto the next profile. I can not tell you how much time Ecquire has saved me over the years. It can even log all of your emails and LinkedIn conversations into your CRM as well. This extension is worth every penny!


Price Range: FREE – $$
Hootlet is the little brother of Hootsuite; a brilliant content sharing and monitoring tool for social media sites. With Hootlet, you can take the cross-platform social media posting functionality out of your Hootsuite account and pop it conveniently into your browser window. This allows you to save a ton of time while sharing content with your social networks.

Where as before when you found an article to share you’d need to copy and paste the URL into your Hootsuite account. Now with Hootlet you can simply press a button and share that same article simultaneously across LinkedIn, Twitter and any other network you desire.

Hootlet is also amazing for scheduling your content posts to go out over the week. Combined with Google Alerts, which delivers Social Selling content to my inbox via a daily digest, I use Hootlet to help me schedule 5 – 10 posts each week in less than 10 minutes on Monday morning. This is a dream come true for anyone that wants to regularly nurture their business relationships with valuable content.

ColorPick Eyedropper

Price Range: FREE – $
Have you ever wanted to make the font color in a PowerPoint presentation that exact same color as one that appears in a client’s logo but you just can’t seem to get a match? Now you can! ColorPick Eyedropper allows you to hover over ANYTHING on the web and identify the Hex # which you can then use in PowerPoint or other presentation tools to get the color just right.


Price Range: FREE
Want to know how influential someone is on social media? Easy. All you have to do is check out their Klout score. Klout provides everyone a super simply rating system from 1 – 100 based on how active they are on social media sites. And with the browser extension, you can take this helpful rating system and plop it right next to every single person you see on Twitter. This is incredibly beneficial while building and maintaining your Twitter network because it identifies who are influencers you should be interacting with to increase your own visibility.
If someone retweets your post and they have a Klout score of 20, thank them. If someone retweets your post and they have a Klout score of 70, engage them!! Having these high value influencers in your network will help to grow yours.

If you’re like me and you spend all day, everyday on your computer than it is definitely worth investing some time in customizing your browser experience. These extensions will go a long way in helping you do that. Let me know if you know of some other cool browser extensions via the comment box provided. And as always, feel free to fire me off a quick intro email if you’d like to chat about Social Selling: [email protected]

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