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How to Increase Your Inbound Leads and Web Traffic By 200% With Social

Sales Recruitment ProcessUsing content marketing and social media tools, you can increase your inbound leads and website traffic significantly.

This is such a simple equation: (Number of participants x Content Shared) X Original Content Created

We, at Sales for Life, understood most of that equation intimately. However, we didn’t understand the power of a unified content sharing front (as we’re a Ken Krogue at AA-ISP. That’s when my eyes were opened to the power of volume.

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What Should I Use? A Microsite or LinkedIn Publishing For My Sales Reps?

Average Person SucceedLinkedIn Publishing lets sales reps find relevant content, follow thought leaders and nurtures prospects.

Which ocean should you dip your toes?

By now you know I love the new LinkedIn Publishing tool. This tool solves multiple challenges for sales rep:

1. Where can I find awesome content to share with my buyers?

2. Where can I find the influencers and “rock stars” of my industry for future content?

3. How can I create a site that nurtures my buyers on best practices?

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How Can Marketing Help Sales with Content Sharing?

Sales EnablementSales professionals need help finding great content. Your marketing team needs to become the General of your Content Army.

One of the core challenges facing sales and marketing teams is that sales knows they want to share content, but don’t know where to find it. On the flip side, marketing is perplexed as to why salespeople aren’t sharing the content they work hard to create.

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LinkedIn Publishing: Soon To Be The World’s Greatest Curated Content Source

LinkedIn PublishingTrust me – I’m not just saying this because I love LinkedIn.

I’m saying this because up until now, the best sources for user generated content have been Twitter, social blog aggregators like or Flipboard, or digital newspapers like and

They’re all amazing – but for the most part, these tools are curation machines that have only a small number of users contributing original content. Thus, the main way of using these tools is to build influencer lists for your buyer personas so that you can focus in on only those few individuals that are truly contributing to your industry.

But now LinkedIn is offering a publishing platform.

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What’s on Your Bookshelf?

The Challenger SaleI’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not much of a reader.

I straddle between being of Gen X age and a Gen Y digester of media. I listen to books, watch videos on YouTube – I learn digitally.

BUT when I meet sales reps from all around the world, it always astonishes me how many are NOT INVESTING IN THEMSELVES.

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Why You Must 10X Rule Your Social Selling Activity – Grant Cardone Style

Social Selling ActivitySo you think you’re doing yourself justice by posting an article on LinkedIn & Twitter each day.

Do you think that’s above average? Do you think that your message will rise above the noise?

After listening to the Grant Cardone book “The 10X Rule”, I realized that even our social selling activity here at Sales for Life has HUGE amounts of potential left untapped.

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Why Sales Needs to Use Content Marketing

Content MarketingWorking hard pays off” or “Work smart, not hard.” Which side of the coin are you on?

It’s plain to see that sales professionals use content marketing every day to drive lead generation efforts.

However, the majority of us believe in working hard. And I mean really, really hard. Let’s call it the way it is, sales (and marketing) are the economic drivers of our economy. Without these critical components, nothing would happen.

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How to Use Pocket to Organize Your Content

PocketOne of the biggest challenges that sales professionals (and their marketing departments) face is FINDING CONTENT. It’s a nightmare for most sales professionals.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. You’ve come across a great article or blog post and want to read it later or share it with your social networks, but you haven’t had the time. How can you build a repository of amazing content that you can share with your buyers?

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How to Get 40,000 Views in 1 Week on Your LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn ContentMost sales reps don’t realize the power of sharing LinkedIn content.

In the last week, I’ve shared just a few articles each day on LinkedIn. The total viewership has been almost 40,000 people with 100+ likes and dozens of comments.

Take a minute and just think about the influence that this can have on your potential buyers!

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How Can I Share Content From Any Site Without “Share” Buttons?

Add This

Sharing content is an essential part of any social selling strategy, but sometimes websites don’t make it easy. Luckily, AddThis makes it easy to share content even when you can’t find the “share” button.

Ever come across an amazing blog post, article or infographic but weren’t sure how you could share it with your buyers on social media?

Visit and download their simple sharing widget.

AddThis makes it easy to share any article, video, infographic or webinar in seconds – to any social media platform in the world (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook).