How to Increase Your Inbound Leads and Web Traffic By 200% With Social

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales Recruitment ProcessUsing content marketing and social media tools, you can increase your inbound leads and website traffic significantly.

This is such a simple equation: (Number of participants x Content Shared) X Original Content Created

We, at Sales for Life, understood most of that equation intimately. However, we didn’t understand the power of a unified content sharing front (as we’re a Ken Krogue at AA-ISP. That’s when my eyes were opened to the power of volume.

Ken mentioned that has moved to a “Core Content” model, where they create a webinar topic like “4 Social Selling tips your sales reps need to know”, and then create a multitude of assets around that webinar. They would create content such as blogs, infographics and videos that support that webinar.

In our discussion, he talked about Hubspot amplifying their blog creation to at least one post per day (which we started producing 1 per day in January 2014). Hubspot saw a direct correlation between inbound leads and web traffic when they started producing 2,3,4,5 blogs a day!

What is Social Selling

How does this help you?

Look at the equation above! Look at the first variable, “number of participants”. Imagine getting ALL of your sales reps, marketing and ever employees promoting your content! We’re a team of under 10 employees, and we destroy most companies’ web traffic and inbound leads per month, even companies 10x our size. How did we achieve this?

1. EVERY employee is part of the sharing process
2. Our sales team is part of the content creation process
3. We replicate big business by 10X Rule of Social Content

The last point is SO, SO critical. We don’t don’t share a blog post 1x, or 3x, or 10x on Twitter. We share it 24 TIMES. We also share that content 8 time on LinkedIn and Facebook, and soon, Google+. We stretch each blog to its fullest potential, to maximize exposure.

Below is the results, how and why we CRUSHED our previous month’s unique website visitor and marketing qualified leads!

This is sharing in Hootsuite, every hour in Twitter, and every 3 hours in LinkedIn and Facebook.
Increase Traffic Social

This is a screenshot of our Google Analytics, crushing last month!
 Google Analytics

If you want to learn about how to use social selling to increase your inbound leads and website traffic, contact me at

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