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New (LinkedIn) Interface, Old Lessons: Why Top Sales Teams Manage Change

new-linkedin-interface.jpgThere have been stirrings in the market about changes to the LinkedIn UX (user experience). I’ll be the first to admit these changes are inevitable. Just like with any company, LinkedIn as a product must continue to evolve. I’m more concerned with the lessons LinkedIn’s evolution can teach us. But first, the updates.

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Mindset, Skillset, Toolset: A Proven Path For Scaling Sales Success

mindset-skillset-toolset.jpgTechnology is constantly evolving and companies are now realizing the benefits it can bring to every level of their organization. 

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Sales Roundup: Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee: Killer Sales Combos

sales-roundup-butterfuly-bee.jpgWelcome to your sales weekly roundup for December 4 – 10th. We’ve got everything you need to know on the ultimate sales strategy combo, software predictions in the new year, managing change management and turning your sales team into thought leaders. Enjoy.

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Beyond The Classroom: Why Sales Training Is Close to A Tipping Point

tipping-point-sales.jpgSales training is nearing a tipping point: Investment in scheduled, classroom-based training is expected to stay flat in the years ahead, while investment in virtual training is poised to rise. Sales leaders appear to be recognizing that some training is better than no training. But what does your training program need to look like as you rely less on scheduled events, and more on a just-in-time, embedded model?

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No Shortcut To Success: Why LinkedIn Does Not Equal Being A Social Seller

linkedin-does-not-equal-social-selling.jpgHere is simple analogy: my sister-in-law, a lovely woman, owns a car with my brother in law. My sister-in-law, for most of her life, has always lived in the core of downtown Toronto. She’s never really needed to drive. Now, she’s in her early 30s and has driven maybe a thousand miles in her entire life. She owns a car but hardly ever gets behind the wheel — does that make her a great driver?

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Unwrap Big Revenue In 2017 With These 12 Sales Tactics


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SaaS Capital Expands into Canada with Uberflip Funding


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3 Must-Haves When Building a Channel Partner Program

partner-acceleration-program.jpgThe New Year means new starts, new opportunities, and new commitments. For businesses, it can be a time to start implementing a new strategy that promises a year-over-year boost, or a time to refocus efforts on an initiative that has been in place but lagging.

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The Tugboat Vs The Lighthouse: Beating Barriers To Quota Attainment


As a sales professional and more importantly an entrepreneur for most of my professional career, I have had a number of times where I wasn’t going to hit quota. That meant my business wasn’t going to hit quota either.