Beyond The Classroom: Why Sales Training Is Close to A Tipping Point

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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tipping-point-sales.jpgSales training is nearing a tipping point: Investment in scheduled, classroom-based training is expected to stay flat in the years ahead, while investment in virtual training is poised to rise. Sales leaders appear to be recognizing that some training is better than no training. But what does your training program need to look like as you rely less on scheduled events, and more on a just-in-time, embedded model?

In this session, Corporate Visions’ Tim Riesterer, author of The Three Value Conversations, explores how a virtual, modular training program can help you equip your team with world-class skills without taking them out of the field. Key takeaways:

• 4 out of 5 companies aren’t able to train as many reps on the skills they think they need. [Click to Tweet]

• 56% of sales managers blame time out of field constraints for not training reps. [Click to Tweet]

• 65% of companies will increase their investment in virtual training. [Click to Tweet]

This recording is part of Digital Sales Engine, a day-long online summit designed to help attendees build a sales stack to improve sales performance and better serves your customers. Watch the rest of the highlights on-demand here


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