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The 1 Trend That Sales Enablement Isn’t Focused On…Yet [Video]

Markets, economies, company strategy are all highly influenced by trends. And one of the biggest driving factors in these decisions is demographics.

While in high school, I worked part-time as a lead generator for a Financial Advisor named Grant (I’m leaving the last name out). He was able to achieve very lucrative returns for his investors. His secret was investing with the tide. He invested in companies that were tied to the aging Canadian population.

The result? He made a KILLING.

I’ll never forget Grant and his strategy. He didn’t claim to be the smartest guy in the room but he was brilliant at picking out the demographic trend that most were missing.

Check out this video to learn more.

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The Three Way Lovefest: Ensuring Revenue With Training

Listen, I’m going to give you a really important piece of advice. DON’T DO TRAINING. Honestly, you’re not ready!

That’s what we’re forced to tell companies that just aren’t prepared to improve their sales performance.

Why do companies do training?

To either improve the speed-to-revenue or probability to increase revenue. Unfortunately, too many sales organizations are not prepared for the following reasons:

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Seeing Eye to Eye: 4 Keys for Sales & Marketing Alignment

It’s every company’s nightmare scenario, and an all-too-common one. The sales team doesn’t “get” what the marketing team is up to, and the marketing team doesn’t appreciate the sales team’s efforts either. But without one, the other can’t function. Here are some things you can do to get these teams seeing eye to eye.

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6 Signs (And the Cure) to Unmask a Social Selling Charlatan

Halloween is the holiday traditionally reserved for costumes, illusion, and scary things. But October 31 isn’t the only date for spotting Social Selling pretenders.

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“Stop Thinking” And 4 Other Actionable Tips To Marry Sales With Marketing

 Sales With Marketing

There’s no question that closing the gap between sales and marketing translates into real numbers on the bottom line. Aberdeen Research concluded that the companies that are best-in-class in merging sales and marketing have been able to post a 20 percent growth in revenue, while those that have fallen behind have seen a 4 percent decline.

Sales reps have traditionally been taught that their only priority is reaching their set quota. However they can get it, for the penalty of failure is high. Marketing, for decades, has been taught to stick to strategy, branding tactics and overseeing the creative direction of the company. The two of them have rarely worked together.

If your organization is struggling to bring these traditionally separate players into alignment, here are five relatively easy adjustments that can be put into practice today to begin making a measurable improvement.

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5 Ways To Make Sales Training More Effective

Resources For Online Learning

Out of all the components of sales training, where should you focus your attention to achieve greater effectiveness? There are five areas that have the greatest impact on sales enablement. After studying the comments from chief sales officers (CSOs) at more than 1200 companies, Accenture has identified some of the most powerful ways to prepare your team for more effective sales.