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10 Timeless Quotes That Will Make You A Better Social Seller

Better Social Seller

Over the past 5 months in the Social Selling training industry I’ve read a HUGE amount of quotes thrown around about the power of Social Selling tactics. From the upper echelons of management right down to the newly hired reps on the sales floor, professionals at all levels of organizations are seeing the positive effects that Social Selling can have and are announcing it to the world.

Below I’ve compiled a descending list of what I think are the most relevant Social Selling quotes to date. Some are from prominent business leaders, which you may have heard before. But even more important are the quotes I’ve included from sales reps that have transformed their ability to exceed their targets by incorporating Social Selling techniques into their daily routines.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 timeless quotes on Social Selling:

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Time Is Money: 3 Easy Steps To Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First

Every morning I got to bed with a game plan for the morning. “OK, I’m going to get up at 5:30 a.m., finally drink my fruits and veggies, go for a 5 mile run, and be at my desk at 7:15 a.m. before anyone else!” Then the morning comes…. I have to fight off the “snooze monster” every day! But, once I finally get out of bed, I have a wicked routine that’s helped build my business.

Now on the PROFIT side of this story, I just finished reading a book by Mike Michalowicz called PROFIT FIRST. The premise is quite simple: we as business owners are terrible at creating a routine for allocating profit from our revenue. We pay bills, taxes, employees… everyone but ourselves properly. He’s developed an ingenious method for paying yourself first.

Avoiding Time Burglars

To the context of sales – sales professionals are rolling out of bed, grabbing their smartphones and CHECKING EMAILS! These emails are TIME BURGLARS! These are OTHER PEOPLE’S PRIORITIES!

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The New and Ancient Art of Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Applying data visualization to the sales process can yield actionable insights that make sales teams become more productive.

This is a guest post from Nikolaus Kimla, the founder of Pipeliner CRM.

Something that fascinates us here at Pipeliner CRM is the power of a language we want to speak well: Visual. This concept, the learning and absorbing information through a visual process, is getting more attention. This is good, because our product is differentiated on the visual features whereby Pipeliner customers can “see” the data and immediately get what they need to do their job more effectively.

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Sales Reps, Channel Your Inner-Student and Learn More About Selling

Selling Quotes

Are you a new sales professional? How are you investing in yourself and starting your 10,000 hours?

LinkedIn Pulse, Audible and Feedly to continue learning as a sales professional?



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Are Sales People In The Game Business? (Video)

Sales PeopleBuyers perceive sales people as untrustworthy. Fortunately, with the internet and social media, you can create a blank slate for yourself.

If you’re in sales, you need to read this.

What do you sell? Seriously, ask yourself what you sell. Do you work for a company that sells technology, cloud, telecom or financial services? If so, you may think you’re in that business.

But, I’m humbly submitting to you today that you’re not. In the eyes of the buyer, you’re in the GAME BUSINESS. You’re in the business of playing games. Buyers typically think that most sales people are playing games. Even if they’re not saying it to you openly, behind closed doors there are snickers, jeers and general comments about how untrustworthy a sales person is.

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How LinkedIn Helps Combat CEB’s Truth About Increased Sales Cycle Timelines

Increased Sales Cycle Timelines

Sales cycle timelines have increased. Here’s how you can use LinkedIn and social selling to stay in touch during the buying process.

I’m sitting in the Pittsburgh airport, reading the CEB article on increased sales cycle lengths on my App. I’m literally participating in the reasons CEB wrote the article, and is DEAD RIGHT.

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Buyers: Catch Me If You Can!

Catch Me If You Can

Every time a new and exciting type of technology is discovered, society adopts it as quickly as possible.

Think about one of the biggest shifts, mobile technology. Can’t your life be defined as pre-smartphone and post-smartphone?

Social media is no different. Whether you’re buying a TV or hundreds of servers, there are ways to research virtually everything online. This is why the modern-day hunt for buyers starts online.

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FAIL: Sales Pollutes EVERY Medium (Part 1 of 2)

Average Person Succeed

In the early to mid-90’s, the internet was commercialized and brought to the masses. For the next 5-10 years, we saw companies like AOL and Netscape dominate the first generation of the internet.

Remember how iconic AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” slogan was? It even had a movie named after it.

When businesses started to bring the internet and e-mail in-house, it was one of the greatest evolutions of human society. Communications could now be transmitted at a blistering speed and the entire flow of business was improved.

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How Can An Average Person Succeed?

Average Person SucceedCan the average person succeed? Everyone starts average. However, those who stay there will suffer, and those who continuously strive to improve themselves will win.

Those who wait around for perfection also won’t succeed.

I was once invited by a friend to attend a motivational talk by a gentleman named Rock Thomas. Rock is completely self-made and has enough passion to light up a room. He discussed a lot of points but the one that impacted me the most was:

“I’d rather have sloppy success than perfect mediocrity.”

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Social Selling Tales: The Fastest TV Ever Sold!

Social Selling TalesThe sales process often starts with people searching online. By the time the customer gets to the store, they have already been pre-sold by valuable content and insights.

When I write blogs about people I know, I don’t use real names out of respect for the person’s privacy. My friend Bruce and Michelle are good examples.

Today, however, I’m happy to use my own personal example. Here is one of my personal social selling tales. I don’t watch a lot of TV but decided to splurge on a really nice LCD Smart TV recently.

I walked into my local Best Buy and walked out with a TV 20 minutes later. Has this ever happened to you?