How Can An Average Person Succeed?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Average Person SucceedCan the average person succeed? Everyone starts average. However, those who stay there will suffer, and those who continuously strive to improve themselves will win.

Those who wait around for perfection also won’t succeed.

I was once invited by a friend to attend a motivational talk by a gentleman named Rock Thomas. Rock is completely self-made and has enough passion to light up a room. He discussed a lot of points but the one that impacted me the most was:

“I’d rather have sloppy success than perfect mediocrity.”

The Sales Application

If you’re waiting to jump into anything, my suggestion is to try it now. It may seem difficult because you’ve never done it before, but you’ll never get timing right. Jump in with two feet and have fun.

You should use that same philosophy when it comes to social selling. If you’re one of the first to try this new medium in sales, you’ll have the most fun. You’re going to be poking around and discovering many new things during the learning process. And, here is the most important part: if you’re one of the first, you get license to conceptualize the entire solution.

Let that sink in for a moment. This means you could potentially define the entire market. Whether you’re selling printing solutions or high-end supercomputers, if you’re one of the first to get into social selling, you’ll have access to information and opportunities that most people can only dream of.

This can be a career-changing opportunity for you.

What is Social Selling

We Were/Are Still Average
We are contacted by many sales and marketing professionals from all walks of life. While we know social selling better than most, I’d still consider us average. This is because we are constantly still poking around and learning new things. I’m still amazed and shocked by how social impacts my personal life on a daily basis.

The best part about this is that we’ll never stop learning. It’s with this hunger that we continue to explore all facets of social. We’re also not shy to admit when we don’t know something. Sometimes students or clients will come to us with something that completely blows us away. We don’t consider that humbling or embarrassing; we consider it fun and part of the challenge.

Start Average & Continue Learning

If you’re in sales, going to work and doing the same thing repeatedly, it’s time you start doing something different. If you’re finding that it’s harder to have conversations by phone, what are you prepared to do about it? Some sales people go visit potential buyers, some try networking groups or conferences, and some turn to social media. It doesn’t matter which avenue you start with, the key is to start.

Waiting for “perfection” is a bad strategy. It’s better to start average and improve over time.

The Bottom Line

If your sales are stuck, you need to move and act. The average won’t succeed over time but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with being average. As long as you’re committed to growing and constantly trying to better yourself, that’s all that matters.

You’ll be surprised how well this philosophy fits in with social selling. If you’ve been looking to jump in when the time is right, the best thing you can do is to jump in now. Now is the right time.

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