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3 Pillars For Rolling Out Skill-Based Training For New Sales Hires

skill based training new hiresI’d like you to picture that you coach a sports team. You’ve been hired after the annual draft, and need to start assembling your final roster during training camp. How do you think the most successful coaches would approach training camp?

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No Commissions, No Quota: The Future Model for Sales

Let’s cut to the chase: sales quotas and commissions are completely at odds with customer success, and if you are one of those businesses that proudly exclaims that you are “customer centric” whilst continuing to measure and reward your sales performance primarily around revenue attainment, then you are being totally disingenuous, and your business is now at risk.

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How To “Knowledge-Bomb” Your Buyer Off The Status Quo

Insight selling never stops.


The Lies Your Sales Team Is Telling You About Their Sales Cadence [Roundup]

lies-sales-team.jpgWelcome to your weekly roundup for Aug 11-18. This week we’re revealing the lies your sales team is telling you about their cadence and what to do about it, some fresh data around the death of the B2B sales rep, and how salespeople can extract full value from social selling.

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How To Turn Social Comments Into Leads

social-comments-leads.jpgIn my role, I have a chance to talk to sales reps at every level, and across a wide variety of companies, daily. One of the common themes that always presents itself is still an ambiguity around social selling.

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Top Sales Events And Conferences To Attend This Fall/Winter

It’s the end of the summer and your pipeline is faltering. You’re worried about hitting your quota. You need some inspiration, some motivation to pull through and sell even more than you did last year. So how do you make magic happen?

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Executive Webinar: Empowering Your Sales Force With Social Selling

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Kickstarting Your Modern Prospecting Routine: A Guide For Salespeople [Infographic]

Despite hype in the modern sales community, nothing is “dead.”

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What Your VP Sales Really Thinks of Marketing (After A Few Pints)

vp-sales-marketing-pints.jpgDespite all of content you read regarding Sales & Marketing “alignment,” the reality is that little to no progress has been made. 

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4 Benefits of Social Selling You’re Missing Out On

benefits social sellingThe biggest challenge to small businesses today is obscurity. If people don’t know you exist, you don’t exist.