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6 Social Selling Lessons From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has done many things the ordinary man can only dream of. He’s been a 7-time Mr. Olympia, one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, the Governor of California and the list goes on. You start to question yourself, “what can he not do?” Throw him in sales and you’d most likely see him thrive in Social Selling, not because of his name but because of his unique mindset and traits.

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Creating Content for an Audience of One


When I became the Chief Marketing Officer at LeanData earlier this spring, there was a three-week gap between when I accepted the position and my first day on the job. During that time, I began receiving a flood of emails asking me to take a meeting, visit a webinar, check out a piece of content, and so on. My inbox was filling up. Many, many people wanted little pieces of my time. And I hadn’t even started the job.

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500+ LinkedIn Connections: Does Size Really Matter?

Listen up salespeople!

There shouldn’t be any debate on why you need more LinkedIn Connections. If you’re using LinkedIn as a place to house your resume, you need some help. Today, LinkedIn needs to be one of the main ways you find, educate and engage buyers throughout their buying journey.