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2013 and Beyond – Macro and Micro Marketing Combined

Macro and Micro Marketing

For the last few years, sales and marketing have invested heavily into marketing automation tools that help attract, nurture and influence prospects. This method of business development has now entered the “growth phase” for many industries – as companies are flocking to marketing automation systems. While marketing automation is vitally important for mass communication, most marketing campaigns can lack focus through USER ERROR.

Focus is exactly what more and more buyers require to capture their attention. Buyers are less interested in a generic marketing email that speaks to “decision-makers in general”. They want to hear about how to solve their unique problems when they are ready to start solving them!

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Saturday Nights Alright for Writing

Content Writing

Ok, who’s kidding who – I don’t write on a Saturday night, but I do write the majority of my content on Saturday mornings. This is the window of my week from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00am , when my mind is relaxed to think about our business, the sales industry, and what’s important to sales leaders.

This didn’t come naturally to me as a sales leader. I spend the first 10 years of my sales career on a phone, leaving voicemails or sending 3-sentence emails. I could have been comfortable with just doing that for the next 25 years. Except… the world has changed, and so have buyers.

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LinkedIn Signal – Your Source For Gathering Trigger Events

In this video learn how to use LinkedIn to help you identify prospect trigger events that will help you connect with your target audience when they are ready to talk to you.

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Sales War – Email Marketing is a Shotgun, LinkedIn is the Sniper Rifle


One of the biggest challenges as a sales rep is having your message heard. When you fire your “sales gun” in the woods, does anyone hear it? Unfortunately for us sales leaders – the answer is increasingly no! Why is this?

Simple! Here’s a snapshot of how many emails I got on a Friday in the middle of the summer. 81 EMAILS! And I’m a sales guy, not the decision-maker of a Fortune 2000 company. The average decision-maker at a Fortune 2000 company receives over 200 emails a day! That’s an average of an email every 2-3 minutes. How can that decision-maker keep up?